Lester starting in Siebold

Siebold is a renowned springtime area on Lake Guntersville. Not a lot of deep water, but plenty of grass and shallow structure. Brandon Lester did most of his damage on boat docks yesterday in the Siebold area, which has him in second place here on Championship Sunday.

Today he’s starting out here, because he knows the winning fish are here. But the $300,000 question is can he make them bite.

He just did. A solid 3-pounder is in the box to start his morning.

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Card in Brown's

We waited for the field at the Brown's Creek Bridge and saw Hank Cherry, Todd Auten, Skylar Hamilton, Brandon Cobb and others come by.

We are following Brandon Card, who is about halfway back in the creek. Before making a cast he had to stop and work on some tackle. He reported that he got 4 1/2 hours of sleep last night and stopped at the bait shop this morning to get some much-needed replacement hooks.

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Waiting for history

We are sitting at the bridge at Brown's Creek waiting for Day Three to begin. We will be looking for Brandon Card back in the creek, but we expect others, including tournament leader Hank Cherry, to be nearby.

No wind

The flags at the Hampton Inn in Guntersville are hanging. That means we may have a tournament day without win, the first this week.

Will that change the bite? Or where the bass are positioned?

It will certainly make blogging more comfortable but it may change some anglers' outcomes.

Sunday forecast for The Classic

The final day of The Bassmaster Classic will start off cold, but temperatures will warm nicely throughout the day underneath mostly sunny skies. We'll start off around 41º at the beginning of the fishing day at 7:00 am with winds out of the southeast at 1-5 MPH, but those will rise to around 62º at the end of the fishing time with winds out of the south-southeast at 5-10 MPH. Dewpoints will hang around the mid-30s throughout the day and the chance of rain is at 0%.

Bruce goes under stage

B.A.S.S. CEO Bruce Akin took his grandkids under the stage today to show them how fish care works at the Bassmaster Classic. In case you don’t know, tournament officials weigh the fish on stage, then carefully slide the fish through a hole in the stage, where eager volunteers quickly deliver them to an Alabama Department of Natural Resources live release vehicle. Well done Bruce!

Cherry feeling confident headed into Day 3

Hank Cherry has some unfinished business on Lake Guntersville on Day 3. 

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Instant Classic for Downey

It's the official first day for Bob Downey at the 2020 Bassmaster Classic. Follow along as he prepares, fishes and weighs-in for his first Classic appearance.

Buy a beanie to conserve fisheries

One of the cool programs at the Classic Expo is Carhartt’s initiative to conserve and protect fisheries in Alabama. All you have to do is donate $10 to get a special edition Carhartt beanie. Carhartt will sew a B.A.S.S. logo on it right there in the booth.  All proceeds benefit the Alabama B. A.S.S. Nation in their efforts to help the state’s fisheries. By the way, these hats are a bargain at $10. Retail price for them is $14.99 on the Carhartt website. In the booth when I visited was Bassmaster Opens angler Trait Zaldain, with her dog Nebo.