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No hookup

After making his second short move of the morning, Card "missed one that felt like a good one." He said he needs wind to get them to commit to his jerkbait and he is not getting it.

With no wind and the sun shining, it is a much more pleasant day to blog, but the competitors likely don't care about that.

Video: Super Six - Stetson Blaylock


Crews on a roll

Photographer Andy Crawford is on John Crews Jr. He phoned this blog in to me after repeatedly attempting to type it into his phone. Problem was Crews kept interrupting the progress with fish catches.

Andy said that Crews is in the Goose Pond area, where he is fishing a bladed jig around shoreline weed cover. He will certainly be one to watch on this Championship Sunday.

Spin to win?

We haven't seen many spinning rods this week so far -- in fact, I don't remember any -- but Brandon Card had several on the deck of his Vexus.

He just used one of them to catch keeper number two. It was a small one, not the type that'll help him make the leap to the tok,of the leaderboard.

BASSTrakk lighting up early

Maybe Lake Guntersville is saving its best for the last day of the 50th anniversary of the Bassmaster Classic. If the first hour is an indication, that may be the case. In the photo above, Skylar Hamilton holds one of the four 5-pound bass recorded on BASSTrakk. Hamilton's is the biggest so far, recorded as a 5-7. In the photo below, Lee Livesay displays another 5-pounder. Todd Auten and Stetson Blaylock also have 5-pounders on the leaderboard early.

Card on the board

With a gallery consisting of us and his brother Jordan (an Opens competitor), Card moved to his second spot and promptly boated a keeper.

He had to measure it to make sure, but it is a start.