Hot hand of the day

Every day of this event someone has established themselves as the hot hand for the day.

Pipkens did that on Days 1 and 2. Cobb was the obvious one on Day 3. Today, Micah Frazier is making a case that he be the hero of the day. He currently has the heavy sack of the day at 20 pounds, 10 ounces. That total is helped by a 5-0 and a 5-10.

Right now he doesn’t have a stringer that would turn anyone’s head at Lake Fork.

I feel silly for writing that last line. I’m going to keep it in there, though to illustrate how quickly things change on Lake Fork.

Frazier has just culled up to 21-12 and that puts him in the lead in this derby for now. He did that with a 3-1 that replaces a 1-13. It’s a small lead, 13 ounces. But Frazier has a lot of room to grow. The 3-1 is his smallest, so it would have to be one with a big head. But there are plenty of those that live here.

Frazier has 92-9 for the derby, well within reach of the century mark with most of the day left to get it done.

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Where anglers are fishing this morning

Here's a quick snapshot of where the Championship Monday anglers are fishing this morning. As we've seen all week, some guys are fishing shallow, some are deep, and some are fishing in-between. We shall see later today which strategy pays off with the biggest stringer.

The biggest change from Day 3

The biggest change from Day 3 to today is the wind. Yesterday at this time we were talking about the lack of any kind of ripple for some of these guys.

While the wind is not gassing today, it’s blowing enough. And that could change the timing on the catches today. It seemed as Lake Fork exploded yesterday as the wind got better.

We are at that point today, so big catches could start earlier and last longer. That would also help some of these guys build bigger weights.

No sooner than that was typed and Chad Pipkens lands an 8-pound even fish. That one fish is bigger than his entire creel yesterday. Not certain if he’s sitting on his honey hole from Days 1 and 2, but we have to believe he is there.

The wind could be helping him and that spot. After a pitiful day 3, he’s just one more bite like that out of the lead. And the wind will just keep on, keeping on.

Paquette's outlook

Garrett Paquette starts the day seven pounds behind Brandon Cobb, and just about anywhere else it would be a tall order to catch up. But this is Lake Fork, where anything can happen in a matter of minutes, and it already has. Here is what Garrett told me this morning about his outlook for Championship Monday.

"I have a seven-pound deficit but if I can catch 30 pounds I think I’ll have a chance. So far this week when you catch an 11-pounder and two 8-pounders that’ll be hard to do again today. If he (Cobb) does then I’ll shake his hand. Out here you can do it in 20 minutes so there is no reason to get down, just keep trying and don’t give up and be persistent on certain spots. When they fire up you make the most of it.”

Then he dialed into his pattern.

"Timing is key. Mornings are almost impossible to get a bite. Then they pull out mid-morning. If you can let your best areas rest until the latter part of the day, that’s when you can make the most of it. Let them load up until about 2-2:30 and then try to catch them as fast as you can.”

Paquette is fishing near spawning pockets, where the fish are coming going based on where they are in the cycle. On Sunday he caught more postspawn fish than he did all week.

Lake Fork has not disappointed

Day 3 produced a few surprising moments. Currently, we aren’t sure if those things were harbingers of things to come or if Day 3 was just one of those special days.

We know it was special for Brandon Cobb. He caught an 11 pound, 1 ounce giant, plus two more that were 8-13 and 8-8. All of that building a 37 pound, 15 ounce limit. Cobb is well on his way to the century mark as are a few others.

Lake Fork has not disappointed in the least. As we’ve watched this derby progress, it seems as if it just gets better every day. But we know better than to expect that. There are some questions, though, we look forward to getting answers. Will Chad Pipkens’ honey hole produce today? How many of these guys will catch 100 pounds total? Is Brandon Cobb’s 11-1 safe as the big bass of the derby? Is Brandon Cobb safe as the leader? After all we saw Pipkens’ give up a 9-pound lead on Day 3.

There’s just a lot of fun these next 8 hours watching and waiting for these questions to get answered.

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Forecast update for Texas Fest

Weather on the final day of the 2019 Toyota Bassmaster Texas Fest looks to be decent with no rain and a mix of sun and clouds. Morning temperatures at take-off will be in the mid-60s and will rise up into the lower 80s by the afternoon. Winds will be out of the south-southeast at 6-12 MPH throughout the day. Dewpoints will stay in the lower 60s.

Brandon Cobb's personal best

The 11-pound, 1-ounce bass Brandon Cobb caught today is not only the big bass of the tournament so far, but it’s also his personal best. How big was the previous personal best for the South Carolina native? It was a 9-pounder, caught at Lake Jocassee in South Carolina. Not a bad upgrade!

And by the way, big bass for Toyota Bassmaster Texas Fest wins a brand new Toyota Tundra.

LIVE: Cook's big one at the break

Drew Cook lands a big one on Day 3 of the Toyota Bassmaster Texas Fest at Lake Fork.


And just like that Brandon Cobb smashes everything.

He just boated an 11 pounder that threw out a 3-pounder and that 9-pound lead that Chad Pipkens had yesterday now belongs to Cobb.

He caught that fish off a spawning bed, not out deep cranking. All of the sudden the plot thickens in a big way. He now has 35 pounds, 14 ounces on the day.

More than that, Dave Mercer believes the fish is the largest to ever be caught in 13 years Toyota Texas Fest competition. Worst case for him, Cobb has most likely won a new Toyota Tundra.

But it shows us that anything is possible on this lake. ‘

The wild side of this event, is getting wilder. As an example: Cobb has in his creel an 11-1, 8-13, and 8-8. Those three fish occupy the top three spots in today’s Toyota Tundra Big Bass standings.

With fish like that showing up there’s no way to guess what will happen tomorrow.