Comparing numbers

Comparing numbers and tournaments is just something we do in the fishing world even though every day is different. So many variables can change a day of fishing for every angler on the water. Here is how numbers have compared for the 2019 edition of the St. Lawrence River Elite Series event. Day 1 and Day 2 were almost identical and then Day 3 was slightly better with an overall average of 3-11 per fish. The biggest bags of the event after three days is distributed pretty evenly as well.

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Zaldain adds his third

Chris Zaldain has added his third keeper. But again there’s not much to it. 

Maybe another 2 pounder. Maybe less. If he’s going to make a move today, the giants are going to have to show. 

I followed him on Day 1, and watched him throw two back without a fish in his livewell. That would eclipse what he has now in three fish. 

He’s not had many issues catching bigger fish. But it’s been a grind. Yesterday he only caught 9. But they were all heavy. 

And like for many of these guys they came later in the day. We just wish if it were going to happen one of the big boys would show up and give us a clue.

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Zaldain's choice

Currently it would be easy to say Zaldain made the big run for virtually nothing. For more than hour he’s gone without a bite. But in the last 20 minutes he’s had two. The first was one of the smallest smallmouth bass we’ve seen go into a livewell. You could see Zaldain mulling on whether to keep it or not. He knows he will likely have to cull it before the day is over if he wants to win. But several strange things have happened this week, so it’s likely he kept it out of caution. A few minutes ago, he added a 2 pounder. He’s not setting the world on fire. But he didn’t yesterday until late.

Canterbury's lure lineup

Scott Canterbury is mixing it up with drop shot rigs fashioned from this lineup. A 3.5-inch Berkley PowerBait Maxscent Flat Worm, Brown Back; a 2.75-inch Strike King 3X ElazTech Baby Z Too soft plastic jerkbait; an American Bait Works Co. Set The Hook Stumpy Crush Worm, green pumpkin; and a Set The Hook Drifter, Juvenile Goby. All are rigged with No. 1 or 1/0 Gamakatsu Drop/Split Shot Hooks and Flat Out Tungsten 3/8- or 1/2-ounce weights, depending on the current. 

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Canterbury lands "a freakin' tank"

Scott Canterbury's hands are probably still shaking after he landed, "A freakin' tank. A St. Lawrence River giant!"

It weighed 5.74 pounds on Canterbury's digital scales. Canterbury continues to be impressed by the strength of the big smallmouth bass here, which are muscled up from fighting the constant current in the St. Lawrence River.

Canturbury noted that the last two hours of this tournament will be as important as the first two. Especially the way this tournament is starting on the final day, it's going to go down to the wire.

Chipping away

Ray Hanselman moved to a ledge off the main ship channel, switching to a drop shot. He’s not getting many bites, but he’s capitalizing on every one of them. 

He just landed bass number two, a 3-pound smallie that keeps him in the hunt. BASSTrakk just updated, and Hanselman is currently in second with an estimated 73 pounds.