Kelley Jaye back on the scoreboard

Kelley Jaye put his first fish in the livewell since his well-documented hook-in-the-hand incident earlier this morning. It was a 2-8, which allowed him to cull a 1-12. Jaye's still in the thick of this competition. He's got 16-4 on the day, and there wasn't a more confident angler at the Day 2 weigh-in that Jaye. (Well, Matt Herren's confidence level probably matched it.)

The 4-pounder that sent Jaye to the bank for emergency treatment was caught at 8:20. He was back on the water in about 90 minutes. But it took another 90 minutes to put another keeper in the boat, which came at 11:18. Basically, Jaye accidentally put himself in a 3-hour penalty box, and he's still in 5th place, unofficially.

Zaldain upgrading

BASSTrakk shows Chris Zaldain back in the lead. He told me this morning that he needed at least a five-pounder to offset the base weight of his previous days’ limits filled with bass in the 2- 3-pound range. He has not only one, but two, of those five pounders. In his livewell beginning with the earliest fish caught, are largemouth weighing 4-0, 3-8, 5-0, 5-1 and 4-0, for a total of 21-9.

With the offshore bite beginning to heat up—and more fish movement—he stands to break the heaviest weight for a limit caught in the tournament.

While his per-fish weight is going up, Matt Arey’s is staying consistent in that 2- 3-pound range. Meanwhile, Matt Herren has moved from his go-to grass beds to boat docks.

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Latuso shatters the silence with a 6-4

It had been a painfully quiet morning for Robbie Latuso. He put a 2-pound keeper in the boat at 7:20 and passed the 10 o'clock hour without another keeper. But the Gonzales, La., pro has livened up his day in a big way. Latuso caught this 6-pound, 4-ounce largemouth just after 10:00.

It's the second biggest bass of the day. Another Louisianan, Tyler Rivet, has big bass of the day so far - a 6-9.

Jaye’s handicap

Kelley Jaye says he has figured out a workaround to deal with his injured hand. His right hand is full of novocaine and isn’t doing what he needs it to.

He is holding the rod between two fingers instead of in the palm of his hand as he jerks and winds his bait over a broad flat.

The technique worked well enough to hook and land a fish, but this one was not quite big enough to go into the livewell. Nevertheless I imagine it gives him confidence he can catch even bigger bass despite his handicap.

Jaye is back

Kelley Jaye is back in the game. Bowman and I followed Hank Cherry past the launch ramp at Goose Pond, headed for deeper water, when Jaye raised away from the dock and toward the same destination. That must’ve been the quickest trip to the emergency room in history.

As you read elsewhere on, Jaye stuck a. hook deep in his hand and was taken by ambulance to the hospital to remove it. He and Cherry currently are a cast length apart, and are joking about the experience.

The accident could have been devastating, but apparently it did not hurt Jaye’s chances in this tournament. He remains in fourth place at this point with 54-13.

Jaye told us his thumb and index finger on his casting hand are “dead” and he’s having trouble casting and cranking. He is working a jerkbait — the same lure that hooked him — and he needs the full use of his thumb.

“ The good thing about it,“ he said, “is if I get hooked again, I can just pull it out. It won’t hurt.”

Cherry looking for a limit

We have swapped ends of the lake, and it was a mistake. After getting enough for a great photo gallery on Drew Benton, Steve Bowman and I decided to head back up to the Goose Pond area and get some photos of Matt Herren and Kelly Jaye.

By the time we trailered around and launched the boat at Goose Pond, Herren had moved to exactly the spot we had been patrolling earlier, and Jaye went to the hospital with a hook in his hand.

We are now watching Hank Cherry, who has dropped out of the top 10 and into 13th place. He still needs one fish for a limit. He has not burned much gas today, but he may need to if he is going to make the cut to Championship Monday.

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Lowen making AOY run

Bill Lowen is another one of those anglers who is rather quietly making a run at the Toyota Angler of the Year title. Lowen had a "false start" in the opener at the St. Johns River with a 47th place finish. But since then he's finished 23rd at Lake Lanier, 7th at Lake Hartwell, 12th at Winyah Bay and 21st at Lake Fork.

Lowen rallied from 25th place on Day 1 at Guntersville with a 19-9 bag yesterday to move up to 8th in this tournament and, potentially, 3rd in the AOY race, depending on the final standings. He's got a small limit so far today. He hopes to, at least, cull everything but the 3-pounder in his livewell now.

Hanselman looking for a keeper

After landing a 3-pounder right off the bat, Ray Hanselman hasn’t seen another keeper. He has caught bass, though, putting several small fish in the boat.

He’s fishing main-lake points and ridges. But there is little to no breeze, which might be hurting his bite.

There is some schooling activity, but he hasn’t been able to capitalize on that yet.

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TVA flips the switch

The ledge guys are in a holding pattern awaiting the daily discharge from Lake Guntersville Dam by the Tennessee Valley Authority. When the switch gets flipped to begin the generation, the ledges should heat up. The fishing isn’t bad now, but it should improve even more as the day heats up. Here is the predicted discharge.

Jaye needs novocaine, a nurse, sausage biscuit

If you're following "Bassmaster LIVE," you know Kelley Jaye has gone to the takeoff dock at Goose Pond to get some medical help in removing a treble hook lodged deep in his hand.

"I need novocaine, a nurse and a sausage biscuit," said Jaye, who obviously hasn't lost his sense of humor in the mishap. Jaye's strength is catching bass on jerkbaits. You throw a jerkbait long enough and you're going to get a hook in your hand. Jaye's came as he was boating a 4-pounder at 8:20. He's already got a 6-pounder in the boat and a 15-8 limit.

"I pull hooks out all the time, but this one, I can't do it," Jaye said. "This is a bad one."

His friend and fellow competitor Hank Cherry trolled over to try and assist Jaye, but Cherry realized the old string-pop trick wasn't going to work on this one. As Jaye departed for Goose Pond, Cherry said, "Hey, gimme that bait while you're gone."

There's a little something to Cherry's sarcasm. Jaye didn't mind sharing yesterday that he's catching his fish on an old style Smithwick Rogue.

"Nobody else has got 'em," Jaye said. "They don't make 'em like that anymore."