In the saltwater

North Carolina B.A.S.S. Nation VP Lenny Smathers found the saltwater side of Winyah Bay at Georgetown.

Best hat award

North Carolina angler Aaron Digh wins the best hat award during takeoff for the final day.

Charged for Day 3

North Carolina angler Angela Mayo is charged for the final day.

Lucky socks

Georgia angler Wayne Pittman shows off his "lucky orange socks." He needs some big fish to take top spot from today.

That'll work

Rhode Island team improvises a net handle at the B.A.S.S. Nation Eastern Regional.

Discussing strategy

President Chuck Murray of the North Carolina B.A.S.S. Nation discusses strategy with the Day 1 team leaders.

Little cheerleader

The  North Carolina B.A.S.S. Nation team has a superfan!

A Day 1 toad

Norman Mullinax with the North Carolina B.A.S.S. Nation team shows off a toad and another good catch from Day 1. Look for him to do well in this tourney.

Found a keeper

Danny Hayes found a keeper with North Carolina B.A.S.S. Nation team.

Another nice catch

Ed Collier with a nice bass with North Carolina B.A.S.S. Nation at Georgetown.