Stateline blues

Jason Christie, his livewell still unencumbered by any additional weight, has abandoned the State of South Carolina....for now, at least.

Up the river in Georgia is where he got his day on track yesterday. He's hoping short term history repeats itself.

Video: Back on Evers

Thomas Allen caught up with Edwin Evers. He needs a limit with only one fish in the livewell. 

Retie, retie, retie your lure

Even for Bassmaster Classic competitors with a $300,000 first-place prize in mind, it's so easy not to stop and retie your lure when you know you should. We heard failure-to-retie mishaps repeatedly during angler interviews yesterday. The tournament leaders were no exception.

"I broke one off that was my fault," Christie said. "I hit a cable and didn't retie."

On the next cast he made a perfect cast at the corner of a dock, set the hook and snap.

"I broke one off that I shouldn't have broke off," said Edwin Evers. "It was on the hookset. I didn't retie and I should have. You get caught up in the moment. I've got a buddy that texts me every day: 'Retie!'"

On the one hand, you want to keep your bait in the water as much as possible. On the other hand, that bait won't do you much good if it's tied to a frayed line. That is one of the toughest calls in tournament fishing, when the clock is ticking: To retie, or not to retie.

Christie burning some gas

Jason Christie, still fishless, is on the move again.

He doesn't seem panicked or nervous, and each new place is purposeful. He's not fishing entire banks or coves, just key "spots within the spot."

It's a surgical, efficient approach, and I'd say that it's genius....except for the fact that he's not on the board yet.

No one expects him to go back to the dock and eat pizza once he has five in the well, but I'm sure he'd like to build a cushion.

Video: Interesting first two hours

Ronnie Moore gives a 9am update on Championship Sunday.

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Video: Evers making the run

Edwin Evers making a big move. 

Transplanted tactics

In the earliest days of B.A.S.S., there were a lot of regional specialists. The Florida pros would do well in grass flipping situations. The Kentucky Lake crew could fish offshore. The Carolina crankers excelled in the summertime.

Those days are over.

Today, not only do you have to be good at everything to excel on tour, but you have to be able to adapt your A-Game to atypical scenarios.

What Jason Christie is doing now is very reminiscent of his strategy at Grand Lake in 2016. Different lake, different state, different lure, but this shallow dock pattern is clearly something he's comfortable with, and he's attacking it in much the same way he would at home.

More on that as the day unfolds.

The Lee brothers limit out

The Lee brothers are the first two anglers with a limit on Championship Sunday of the GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Jordan has climbed into first according to BASSTrakk, and Matt is sitting in third behind Day 2 leader Jason Christie.

Matt looks to be the first angler that is culling in the field.

Matt started the day in 18th place.

Make sure to follow BASSTrakk all day to keep up with the action.

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Video: Big change for Evers

Edwin Evers starting close to the ramp before making a long run.

Running and gunning

Jason Christie has abandoned his starting spot, blasting out of the backwater pond. He's a few miles away now, but we're guessing he will return to it sometime later today, as he did yesterday.