Lee way or the highway

Matt Lee caught a 4-pound, 5-ounce bass at 11:37, which is the biggest bass of the day so far. It gives him the heaviest total of the morning, with a limit weighing 13-7, and moves him into 4th place. The second-biggest sack of the day belongs to his brother, Jordan, who has 11-12, which has moved him to the top of the leaderboard.

The Lee brothers aren't giving much leeway to the rest of the field right now. (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)


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Ehrler's change up

This morning while on the dock recording details for the Top Lures of the Classic gallery I came up on Brent Ehrler, who is currently second in the BASSTrakk standings. Ehrler was tying on a wacky rig.

“I’m going to target largemouth on docks,” he said.

He made the wacky rig weightless with a 5-inch Yamamoto Senko rigged to 1/0 Gamakatsu BT10S Stinger Hook.

For now it looks like the idea is working.

Video: Evers on the hunt

Edwin Evers looking for a fish willing to eat his lure. 

Christie needs another late rally

Hidden within Jason Christie's 16-pound, 6-ounce total yesterday was a last-minute rally. His BASSTrakk total showed him with only 14 pounds at the end of the day. He was quick to point out that he caught a 4-pounder on his last cast, which bumped him up to 16-6.That fish, he insisted, was one he caught last weekend during practice.

"I caught that fish on the second day of practice," Christie said. "I know it was the same fish. It was a skinny 4-pounder."

Even though he's been leading this event each of the first two days, nothing has come easily for him.

"I'm not getting a lot of quality fish bites a day - 4, 5, 6 - and if I booger one of those up, it's not good," said Christie, who went on to explain how he "boogered up" three on Saturday.

So far this whole day has been boogered up for Christie. We're halfway through an eight-hour tournament day, and that zero beside his bass total today is dropping him further and further down the leaderboard.

LIVE: Swindle's move to the docks

Gerald Swindle made an adjustment and decided to fish docks. It paid off with the best fish we've seen on Bassmaster LIVE today and it has him right in the mix for the Classic title.

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Jason Christie is in the far back of a long pocket, an obvious spawning zone. It is getting warm and there is not a lick of a breeze.

"Need some wind, Bowman," he said.

Video: Christie sitting on zero

Steve Bowman updates Jason Christie who is sitting on zero. What is his mental state? 

Get your motor running

Yesterday about this time Jason Christie started to make short hops, skips and jumps from spot to spot. Today he's making longer runs. 

I'm not sure if that reeks of desperation or a master plan to hit dispersed areas that he has saved.
He just made a 10 minutes run up a winding creek, passing Jacob Wheeler headed the other way.
The water has even more stain here. Not bait change. No strategy change. No change in attitude either.

Swindle moving fast, calling turkeys

G-Man Gerald Swindle is working back out of a pocket pretty quickly talking to his camera guy and Garrick Dixon as he casts a moving baits parallel to the bank.  He is stuck on 3 fish still but isn't worried.  "The big heads don't bite til around 11."

He also mentioned he had a tom turkey gobbling yesterday close by. "I called him right down to the water prit' near."