Lee is moving

We are on Jordan Lee now and he has yet to catch a fish for the camera. BASStrakk has him at 5 fish for 11.5 pounds and he is currently the leader. 

Pending how the day shakes out and if the day 2 leaders do damage this afternoon, we will be here in the action for the rest of the day. His crowd keep growing and he must know something is up. 

We have a camera crew going and he is LIVE. This is going to be a great finish!

Video: Moved to Ehrler

Brent Ehrler looking to upgrade. This could be anyone's game. 

Back to the Future

Jason Christie has returned to the backwater pond where he started this morning. It's also where he lost a 5-pounder yesterday afternoon.

The water back here is substantially dirtier than anyplace else we've been, and it's dirtier than it was at 8am.

LIVE: Christie's first catch

After a long drought of 4 hours and 45 minutes, Jason Christie set the hook and landed his first fish of the day. Although it was only a 1-pound, 8-ounce spotted bass it was the relief he needed to break the ice on Championship Sunday.

In the mix

At the start of the day Jason Christie had a 4-pound, 11-ounce lead over second place Edwin Evers. At the 12:30 p.m. mark on Championship Sunday there are unofficially 12 anglers within that 4-11 margin. With three hours remaining, it's still anyones game if they want to jump into the mix.

Christie's catch confirmed

As he idled by us before running to his next spot, Jason Christie confirmed that the bass he caught a few minutes earlier did indeed measure.

Now he's looking to add a companion...or four.

Three hours is a lifetime to fish if he gets onto the right rotation. The water is over 55 degrees, the sun is out, and little does he know he's just a bite or two away from the lead.

Wheeler's key baits

BASSTrakk shows Jacob Wheeler in second place.

All week Wheeler stressed the importance of targeting largemouth to adding quality largemouth to what he referred to as “filler fish” (aka as limit keepers). Wheeler told me he is using two primary lures for targeting quality largemouth.

The Accent Jacob Wheeler “Game Changer” Buzzbait Large Blade is in play. So is a 3/8-ounce bladed jig with 4.5-inch Lake Fork Magic Shad.

Christie shoots and scores (?)

We followed Jason Christie's dwindling gallery and shut down 100 yards away from him as he finally landed a fish. There was a dock between us, so we couldn't see if he dropped it in the well. We will work closer and find out, but a sign of life at long last is nothing but good news.

Video: Christie looking for a window

At noon, Jason Christie is still sitting on zero. He needs to make the most of his window.

Evers back to square one

Edwin Evers scrapped yesterday’s plan and fished the backs of coves down Lake first thing this morning. He then ran up the Seneca River and worked the same pattern.

Unfortunately, that only produced two small fish for about 3 pounds.

He just strapped down for another run, clearly looking for anything to help him fill his limit. I’m not exactly sure what his plan is, but the clock is ticking and a small limit would probably do it.