Inching closer

Jason Christie just landed bass number three, a near 2-pounder. Not a giant by any means, but it puts him within one decent sized bite of the lead.

Nail biter.

Slip sliding away

Jason Christie is down to one hour left to fish, with just two little keepers in his livewell. He may think it's out of reach, but one or two key bites is all it'll take to get right back in the hunt.

I can't imagine what it's like to think that you've missed out closing the deal for a third time. He doesn't seem rattled, but there have to be a million thoughts swirling through his head.

As I typed this he flipped a jig under a dock float and reared back on a good fish. His rod bent for a second, then went slack.

That might've been the one. At the very least, it would've been a meaningful step.

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Numero dos

Christie is running the backs of pockets and came to one we had not visited before. Within 3 minutes bass number two was in the well. Not a lot of pomp and circumstance, no yelling, just back to the job. He has over an hour to fish and he doesn't know it but one more bite could launch him into angling immortality.

Video: More exciting by the second

Watching the Lee brothers make a showing! 


I am too far to tell, but Lee scooped up another solid fish. Photographer Garrick Dixon sent me the photo as I am playing traffic control in this creek small arm with another spectator. They have been very respectful to Jordan Lee this far as he works down and back. 


Jason Christie just told us that he previously saw four or five fish under this nondescript dock. He fished it carefully -- twice --but if they're still there they don't want to play.

LIVE: Ehrler's big largemouth cull

Brent Ehrler has risen from 9th place and into the Top 3 with a great offshore pattern. This largemouth gave him a good cull and up close to 13 pounds.

Ehrler's not stupid

Brent Ehrler thought about gambling all day in shallow water. But he fell back to his strength in deeper, clear water. While catching mostly spotted bass from the area, he put a 3-pound largemouth in his livewell just before 1 p.m.

"I kind of think I'd be stupid to go fish shallow," Ehrler said on "Bassmaster LIVE."

He's not stupid, but, just like the other 24 anglers today, he's blind to the standings. Ehrler started the day in 9th place, 7-7 behind leader Jason Christie.

"I'm only six pounds behind Christie right now, probably," Ehrler said. "I might as well just keep fishing my fish."

Smart decision. He has no idea that Christie is struggling, and BASSTrakk indicates Ehrler is now in third place, less than two pounds out of the lead.

Attention to Lee

Jordan just caught another fish but it didn't help. It looked decent from here but I guess that is a good sign it went back in the drink.

His crowd is scattering as we are playing police officer and keeping people out of his small finger off the main stretch near the dam.

He is fishing very slow with a small bait. The afternoon bite could be good for everyone but his crowd is rooting for Jordan.

Lee gets a cull

And just like that, after a couple hours of fishing docks,  Jordan Lee gets a solid cull fish!

A 3-pound fish gives him around 13-pounds for the day and he still has time. It appears he is in an area where there are some good fish.

A while back on a long run, Lee lost his hat. Photographer Garrick Dixon loaned Lee his hat only if he promised to catch a big one.  Lee delivered!