Slow day at the dam

The 2nd place duo of John Garrett and Brian Pahl of Bethel University have had a tough go of it so far. They only have two fish in the boat and both are just 2 pound keepers or so. This area has been beaten up badly during practice and the event so it’s not surprising to see it get tough today, but at the same time I’m a little surprised because I doubted it would produce yesterday and did.

The 5th place team of Tyler Craig and Spencer Lambert are also having a tough day, but their two keepers go about 7 pounds right now.

Garrett and Pahl contemplated running over to the heavy current and hug the break wall at the dam, but decided against it after seeing how strong the current was. That gutsy thought reminded me of Jared Miller in the Elite Series event at the Alabama River. That’s not the thought you want going through your mind before making a decision like that. They said no and are back on their line-up from Day 1 when they landed 22+ pounds.

Video: Adrian update at 10:40 a.m.

Adrian update at 10:40 a.m.

Leaders with two

The Day 2 leaders from Adrian College, Nick Marsh and Jarred Layton currently have 2 fish in the box. One of which is roughly 3 to 3-8 by their guesses and the other is just a normal keeper. They have been fishing the part of Pickwick known as the Woodlands and have been flipping and spinnerbaiting most of their fish this week. They normally have a big smallmouth to go with their largemouth, but they did not catch one this morning at the dam like they had hoped.

You can check out the action from their 20-pound Day 2 to see how they managed to take the lead here.

West Virginia mixing it up

West Virginia’s Nolan Minor and Casey Lanier have had a one-two punch this week of flipping shallow cover and fishing a few main river current breaks. They managed to catch smallmouth and spotted bass on the current breaks while catching mostly largemouth flipping even though they’ve caught spots doing that as well.

They managed a pretty quick limit on those current breaks and then they came flipping. They just landed their first flipping fish, but it was a small spotted bass that didn’t help. 

Garrett and Pahl strike first

John Garrett and Brian Pahl of Bethel University led after Day 1, but fell to 2nd by 3 ounces after Day 2 weigh-in. They struck first this morning as they fished within sight of the leaders from Adrian College.

It was only a 2-pounder or so, but they took the early lead as teams were still running to their spots. Reports that Nolan Minor and Casey Lanier of West Virginia have an early limit, which means they are the only limit and are in the unofficial lead. They moved from the 20’s after Day 1 and into 3rd after yesterday’s weigh-in. They are hoping to make up the 2-7 deficit by the end of today.

WVU with an limit early

WVU has a limit early consisting of three nice spots, a small largemouth, and this pretty meanmouth. Going to need to make some upgrades though. 

Early takeoff for final teams

Takeoff for the 266 boats at the Carhartt Bassmaster College Series Southern Tour presented by Bass Pro Shops started everyday at 7 a.m., but with just the Top 32 teams they left the dock just before 6 a.m.

There is a big high school tournament and another big local event on Pickwick today so they hope for less pressure on fish at the dam is probably unlikely, but the top college teams are the best for a reason.

Teams were greeted with a beautiful sunrise this morning as well, which is always a cool way to start the day.

Day 1 leader update

After a slow go today in the current at the dam, the Day 1 leaders John Garrett and Brian Pahl of Bethel University have a limit, and it is roughly 13 pounds or so. They are already qualified via the Central Tour event at Toledo Bend earlier this year, but they know getting the win is their number one priority. They said yesterday that 18 pounds today would have them at a 20-pound average, which is what they expect to get it done and win this event after Day 3.

Switching species

Had to change species, and it was a good move for West Virginia University's Nolan Minor and Casey Lanier.