Dysart heads out

Adam Dysart heading to a new location.

Photo and update by Scott King

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Copenhaver with 5-plus-pounder

I just pulled up on Jayme Copenhaver III and Adam Dysart, who are fishing within 200 yards from each other - and Copenhaver landed a 5.76-pounder.

It’s just his second bass of the day. But it moves him to 6-6.

“I should have a limit, but they were all throwbacks,” Copenhaver said.

Basstrakk shows Matt Robertson is way out front with a two-day total of 48-10. Copenhaver shows a two-day total of 27-12.

Photos by Scott King

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Robertson extends his lead

Matt Robertson just extended his lead with a bass that weighs “all of 5” pounds.

He hooked up throwing a spinnerbait, and screamed when he pulled the big fish aboard. The big fish culled his limit up to an estimated 19 1/2 pounds, according to Basstrakk.

“We’re going!”he yelled, referencing the Bassmaster Classic berth that is on the line. “We’re going, baby!”

Basstrakk still shows his closest competitor, Jayne Copenhaver III, with just one bass in the box.

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Robertson with a limit

Matt Robertson just rounded out his limit with a bass that pushes 5 pounds. After going some time with only a striper bite, he caught fish on consecutive casts.

He hasn’t moved more than 50 yards since pulling up to the spot, and he’s alternating between a spinnerbait and a big swim bait.

His last two fish came on the swim bait.

Basstrakk shows him with 16-13, far ahead of his nearest competitor. Jayme Copenhaver III is in second place, but has only boated a single bass weighing 1-12, according to Basstrakk.

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Robertson update

Leader Matt Robertson is back in the same spot in which he caught his fish yesterday, but the bite seems considerably slower.

He has three fish in the box, but he had a 20-pound limit by 8 a.m. yesterday. The quality isn’t quite what it was yesterday morning, but he has one in the 4-pound range.

Yesterday’s bass came mainly on a big swim bait, but two of his fish this morning have fallen for a spinnerbait slow-rolled just offshore on Lake Harris.

Copenhaver update

Jayne Copenhaver just landed a 3-pounder and now has five fish in the livewell. He said he is now at 18 pounds. 

But the fishing is very slow. Conditions have turned 180 degrees, from chilly and breezy to dead still and warm. And the bass clearly aren’t as aggressive. 

But that hasn’t fazed him. 

“I’ve got all day,” he said.