Strader with 3rd keeper

Wesley Strader just caught his third keeper. He caught the 3 and a half pounder on a spinnerbait near a dock. Our panel of judges believe that gets him to 9 pounds, though BASSTrakk has him with a little less. When Steve Bowman asked him the weight of the fish, Strader said, “I don’t know, you’re probably better at that than I am.”

I suspect he’s the kind of tournament angler that doesn’t spend much energy thinking about his exact weights. And that’s probably smart. Weighing fish and thinking through the math just distracts your mind from catching the next fish.

Roumbanis with three already

It took Fred Roumbanis all day to catch three bass yesterday. He's already matched that today, with three weighing 11 pounds. But the key is his last one - a 5-pounder caught at 8:22.

Roumbanis will be slinging his signature Optimum BoomBoom 6-inch swimbait all day long, hoping for some more of those 5-pound difference-makers.

BassCam: Duckett switching up

Boyd Duckett gives us a morning update.

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Strader with No. 2

Wesley Strader just caught his second keeper, this bass was a little over 2 pounds, caught on a spinnerbait. That gives him between 5 and a half and 6 pounds, moving him into third place in BASSTrakk.

His talking picked up noticeably after getting two fish in the livewell.

Reese and Jaye

Skeet Reese just passed Kelly Jaye on the riprap, and they chatted about their morning’s successes. Jaye said he has four, including a 5-pounder. No clues were given if the fish came off the rocks or elsewhere, but Jaye picked up his trolling motor and headed off. 

Lane's lure lineup

On Wednesday check back to see all of the lures used by the top finishers at Kentucky Lake. Photographer Garrick Dixon and myself got the details this morning. Here are the details about the lures used by Bobby Lane Jr., who BASSTrakk shows in third place.

A 4-inch Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Creature Hawg, with a 5/0 Lazer Trokar Big Nasty Flippin Hook, and 3/8-ounce 3/8-ounce Flat Out Tungsten Flipping Weight is a top choice. So is a 3/8-ounce 4x4 Bobby Lane Signature Series Jerkbait. A Dual Hardcore Jerkbait is another choice.

DeFoe one ounce shy - again

In the three Elite Series tournaments this year, Ott DeFoe already has finished 13th twice, missing the Top 12 cut by one ounce each time. He also was 13th at Lake Martin.

Granted, if you make the Top 12 cut, you've got a chance to move up on the final day, although only a slim chance to win. The payout difference in 12th place and 13th place is only $500 ($10,500 vs. $10,000). So 13th feels lucky compared to finishing 51st on Day 2.

That's what happened to both Dean Rojas and Brandon Lester this week. Jake Whitaker took the 50th spot and earned $10,000 with a two-day total of 29-11. Rojas and Lester got nothing for finishing with 29-10. Over two days and a one-ounce difference between $10,000 and zero? That can be maddening.

Strader with 3 1/2-pounder

At 7:45 a.m. Wesley Strader is on the board, catching a 3 1/2-pounder throwing a buzz bait up shallow.

The Tennessee angler started fast yesterday, but it took him four stops and an hour and 45 minutes to catch his first keeper today. There’s plenty of time left in the day and it’s clear this veteran angler with 22 years of professional fishing experience doesn’t get rattled easily.

BassCam: No wind or current for Duckett

Boyd Duckett still at his first stop hoping to trick the fish into biting. 

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Reese's move paid off

Skeet Reese gave up on his shell points at the mouth of Big Sandy and ran back to the riprap on the Highway 79 Bridge. The move paid off when a nice keeper swallowed his swimbait, adding a third fish to the livewell.