The Lane Train

I got word on the location of Bryan Labelle and unfortunately it’s too far to consider making the move. Unless he moves further north, I believe we will stay with Bobby until it’s time to go in and work up my gallery. Bobby continues to catch numbers but not quality. He’s convinced the big ones are here, he caught one yesterday.  But so far this morning other than two that broke off, he’s stuck with 3 pound fish. 

Lane with a limit

Bobby Lane has filled his live well, but not with the quality he needs. All of his fish are in the 3-pound range. He’s going to stay here for a while longer, but he has some other water to try later in hopes of some significant upgrades. Our plan is to stay on him for a while longer and then look for leader Bryan Labelle.  

Lane loses a big one

Bobby Lane just lost a big one at the pilings at Rouses Point. “I’ve caught two dinks and lost two big ones!” He said. There’s about 1000 pilings on the old railway bridge here so he should get some more opportunities. 

Big upgrade

Mattingly makes big upgrades with time left.

South or North? Brown or Green?

After Day 1 of the Bassmaster Eastern Open #3, it was apparent that the green fish wanted to make a statement. The luscious grass beds of Ticonderoga, over 70+ miles south of Plattsburgh, have always been a favorite of the anglers, but in recent years, it has been the northern "mix" bag to come out on top.

At the 2014 Bass Pro Shops Northern Open, Shin Fukae brought a 3-day total of 56 pounds, 13 ounces to the scale. Fukae brought a mixed bag to the scales each day usually anchored by a few key northern largemouths. Before that, day 2 leader Scott Siller had amassed 39 pounds, 2 ounces of largemouths from "Ti" but was unable to seal the deal on the final day due to increased pressure on his areas down south. Fukae had his spots to himself. In 2015, Glenn Brown won the 3-day FLW Costa Series event fishing at Ticonderoga with 63 pounds, 8 ounces. In 2016, it was Bryan Schmitt who keyed in on the northern section of the lake and also brought in a mixed bag of smallmouths and largemouths at the B.A.S.S. Open.

Bobby Lane smashed 21 pounds, 13 ounces on day by fishing "more central" on Lake Champlain. Local angler Bryan Labelle also opted not to make the run to TI and covered lots of water with reaction type baits for his 2nd place 21 pound, 8 ounce limit. 3rd place angler Chris Molineaux fished one small area in the Ticonderoga area for his 21 pound stringer, including a 4 pound "bonus" smallmouth. He went to work and had his weight in 45 minutes and left his area alone.

Ticonderoga certainly has the population of big bass to win a 3-day event, but in recent years, the variety of water an angler can fish in the north end comes out on top. So far in 2018, the largemouths have been showing up throughout the year and the smallmouths have been on the move and not as consistent as anglers would like. That could explain why Bobby Lane and Bryan Labelle, both excellent smallmouth anglers, each weighed in 5 green fish from the North end. Ticonderoga certainly has pumped out several winners over the years, but it seems like it is either good or bad, and changes each year. Will this be a year that an angler running 140 miles round trip can sustain success for 3 days?

Brandon Palaniuk: Opens spectator

Brandon Palaniuk traded his rod for a camera this morning as he took on the role of spectator at the Day 2 launch of the 2018 Bass Pro Shops Eastern Open #3 at Lake Champlain.

Early limit for Hendrix

Pro Shawn Hendrix with an early limit of around 15 pounds.  His co-angler Mark Westrick also has his limit for approx. 8 pounds.