Lane lands his limit

Bobby Lane has landed a nice one to round out his limit. Estimated weight is around 12 pounds.

Photo by Ron Moore

Lane with No. 3

Bobby Lane has landed his 3rd keeper.

Photo by Ron Moore

Lane with two

Bobby Lane has two in the boat to start the final day.

Photo by Ron Moore

Lane with a limit

Photographer Garrick Dixon has the fun job of following leader Bobby Lane. They just entered the lock that connects Lake Kissimmee with Lake Toho.

Dixon reports that Lane has a limit swimming in his livewell, and that he’s now in the hunt to upgrade the catch.

That is highly likely, considering the strategy yesterday involved a milk run of spawning beds that stretched from end to end of both lakes.

Yesterday at the takeoff when I visited with Lane he brimmed with confidence. He always does but this time was special. As it should be. This is the first tournament of the year and it’s underway on his home lake. Look for good things to come today at the weigh-in.

A limit for Lane

Bobby Lane now has a small limit for Day 2, around 10 pounds.

Update by Ron Moore

Following Bobby Lane

Bobby Lane had a late takeoff today. He has two in the boat so far to start the day.

Update by Ron Moore