Flippin’ flippin’ flippin’

Every angler that we have covered this morning is flipping wood, but none have had a limit thus far. This is not to say no one does, but fishing in the Muskogee Pool is definitely tough. This river is filled with trees in backwater flats prime for spawning fish with the 60-degree water. The problem is, you can’t see them, because of the water clarity. The bass traditionally pull close, and sometimes, make their spawning beds against trees, stumps and roots. The anglers' solution to stumbling across a few Arkansas swimmers? Repetition. Repeatedly flipping spawn prone areas until the high sun pulls the bass tighter to the cover where they anticipate the females to be lying. Anglers are flipping creature baits, Senkos and some jigs. 

On to (hopefully) find some fish catches. 

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The lock blues

Just pulled up on Randall Tharp, he is fishing moving baits in muddy water. Vague right? Well, he doesn’t much know what he is doing around the Highway 10 area either... He missed the bus or I should say the lock. 

“I originally planned on locking down to Kerr Lake, well that didn’t happen the lock masters would not budge on schedule and there was a huge barge taking way.” Tharp said. “So here I am.”

The co-angler David Keith just caught a 3-0 behind him, so “something lives here.”