Leader with a limit

It took a while, but Day 1 leader Harvey Horne now has a limit.

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Game changer

Day 1 leader, Harvey Horne, just landed a game-changing bass. The estimated weight of the fish is between 5-6 pounds, larger than any bass he had in his livewell yesterday.  

“That’s the one,” Horne screamed. “That is the one.” 

Horne has not moved to the area where he culled three bass yesterday. 

The smallest bass in his limit yesterday was 2-12, the largest a 4-0. He’s ahead of the game. 

More photos coming soon. 
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Childhood friends fishing again

Harvey Horne and Co-Angler Jeff Wallace have known each other for 30 years. From flag football to kindergarten. Wallace has three bass in the box and Horne one, and Horne couldn’t be happier. Horne did lose one fish early, but is not concerned stating he had a late boat draw yesterday and would just be arriving. Listen in as they talk about their friendship.

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Leader Harvey Horne on spot

Photographer Gettys Brannon is on leader Harvey Horne, so look for his on-the-water gallery later today. 

It is no secret that Horne, like many anglers, is targeting backwater areas in search of spawning fish. This week that can be a gamble that is worth the risk. The reason is the bass are in prespawn mode and are on the move toward the beds. Timing is everything and Horne hopes to intercept migrating bass as they pass through his area.

Horne has found the best of scenario of them all in his chosen area. It’s a backwater bayou with a gravel bottom, which is prime habitat for the bass to make their spawning beds. What is more, the water is prone to warming up faster due to the hard bottom, another plus for attracting spawning bass. Finally, and really important this week, is the area is protected from the wind. 

Horne is intent on waiting things out in anticipation of bass moving into his area. That is a wise move if you thing about it. Waiting on the come is much better than being in chase mode, spending time running around seeking bass that might never show.
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