Just how big was that fish

After two hours Edwin Evers finally gave up on the big bass he had been camping on. Just how big was it? As Evers departed the cove he estimated the largemouth to be in the 7 to 8 pound range. Big enough to be a game changer for him. But with just an hour left before check in he told us, "I got to go catch four fish."

Beard game strong to gone

Team Toyota’s Gerald Swindle began raising money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama to honor the battle his long-time fishing industry friend Luke Dunkin’s mother has faced with the disease.

What began as a $2,017 bet between the two long-time buddies - with the guy who shaved first having to pay the other - resulted in Swindle agreeing to shave at the Toyota booth on the final day of the 2017 GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by DICK'S Sporting Goods.

The two-time Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year got an assist when daughter Whitney, who thankfully has more training than B.A.S.S. emcee Dave Mercer, stepped in to assure no blood was lost.

Huge crowds gathered to watch the shaving - and by the time Swindle was beardless, the friends had raised well over $22,000.

Remarkably, along with industry brands like B.A.S.S., TH Marine, Toyota, Zebco/Quantum, Bob Sealy’s Big Bass Tournaments, Wired2Fish and even huge-hearted fans who simply handed Dunkin and Swindle cash from their pockets - that cash donation was still growing prior to weigh-in on Sunday

"This man - I've never seen him before in my life - he knocks on my camper door yesterday," Swindle said. "He pulls out a faded camo wallet, hands me a hundred-dollar bill. Said his sister died of breast cancer last year and he wanted to help. Then he walked away."

For more information or to donate, see their fundraiser here.

More on the Blade

Following up on Brent's spinnerbait, he says it's made by Boss. He also said that the fish are relating better to the stumps than to the bushes now, a change from before. That's the type of recognition that can win championships, especially one as closely fought as this one.

Looking for number three

After a five-minute stop at Walden Marina to fish one short stretch of bank, Iaconelli zipped across the lake and is now fishing Seven Coves Marina. He just hooked up with a short, but it won't help and he's back to work in search of his third keeper.

Spinnerbait fish

Since returning to his primary area, Brent has spent most of his time throwing a white and chartreyse spinnerbait. Eventually he hooked up with a fish that bent his rod double before he launched it into the boat. After a quick weight check he dropped it back in the pond. No help.
Ounces may everything. With the wind picking up, it may lengthen his ride back to the ramp, but it may also trigger the fish to feed.

Chasing Ike

We're back on Iaconelli after running north of the 1097 bridge and intercepting him and following back south of the bridge. He's desperately in need of three fish to go with the kicker and keeper he caught this morning.

Groans echoing through the cove

We have seven spectator boats watching Edwin Evers sight fish the same bass for the past two hours. That's 14 people in total. Evers has swung and missed three times in the past 30 minutes. He groaned each
time and the rest of us in the cove collectively groaned as well.

This is the most boring fishing imaginable to watch. But we have 14 people hanging in there and hanging on his every move in the hopes of seeing history made. True fans.

Back to the future

I was wrong when I wrote earlier that Ehrler had fished his primary area for the last time. He just ran back North and idled through the brush. With 90 minutes left on the water, he may be sacrificing fishing time for a chance to be in his confidence zone.

Ike gave us the slip

Iaconelli gave us the slip, and we've ended up down south and think he ducked in somewhere back up north. So we're off on a another long and bumpy boat ride.

Clock ticking

Since arriving at this ridge Ehrler has lost two fish, both on a spinnerbait. The second one hit him right at the boat.
Moving now.