Lee family's Classic emotions

An emotional Lee family, after Elite Series Pro Jordan Lee weighed-in 27-4 pounds to possibly win his first GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by DICK'S Sporting Goods. In the first photo that's brother Matt Lee (also an Elite Series pro) hugging their mom and dad. In the second photo that's Matt and mom. A few minutes later they did indeed find Jordan had won!
Photos: Gettys Brannon
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Signing off

Despite the collisions of a million waves with seawalls, we made it back to the ramp a little wet but otherwise unscathed after losing Brent with 15 minutes left.
We are headed to Houston to see how this one shakes out.
Signing off for myself and Nate Sims, who should have a great gallery tonight.

Jordan Lee's hot spot

This was posted early this morning in a blog post about both Jordan Lee and Jacob Powroznik. Based on Lee's big day, it bears repeating, with some additions. Lee weighed the biggest bag of Day 2 ­– 21 pounds even – with only four fish, which included a 7-pound, 7-ounce bass.

 “I found this spot on the last day of practice,” Lee said. “I knew there was something special about it. I had two really big ones on two casts with a (Strike King) 5XD, a 6- (pounder) and a 7-(pounder). But (Friday) was so cloudy and windy, those fish never got there. I fished it three times and never caught a fish off of it.”

 Lee weighed only three small ones on Day 1 to finish in 37th place with 8-6.

 “I was running options (Saturday) and decided to hit it one more time at noon,” he said. “My first one was that 7-pounder, and it had a whole school of 5- to 7-pounders with it. I caught a 6 and a 5 in the next 15 minutes."

But Lee didn't catch another one there. His fourth fish came from a spot he hit on the way to check-in.

 “There are giants there," he said of his best spot. "I’ve never seen anything like it. The size is just unbelievable. There aren’t any small ones.”

It's an educated guess that Lee went back to this spot today - apparently with great success.

"I told my friends before the tournament started that I had one spot, and that's it," Lee said. "I think the cloudy, windy weather messed me up the first day. I was basing my whole tournament on that. These are post-spawn fish that are moving out."


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It ain't over ...

Iaconelli has hit two more spots near the dam since leaving the place that produced the big fish this morning. It's hard to believe that after taking the unofficial lead with just two fish early today, Iaconelli hasn't caught a keeper since then. Ten minutes to go and we're about two minutes from the check-in site.

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End where you started?

With 40 minutes left, and a decent ride through choppy water ahead of him, Ehrler has moved back to the "pond" where he caught most of his weight yesterday, including his kicker, and much of his weight today. He's mixing up his presentations, looking for a knockout punch.

Stuck on two with the clock ticking

Iaconelli just hooked up again, so there are obviously a few fish still hanging around the point that produced his big fish this morning. Unfortunately for Iaconelli, it wouldn't keep, another one that was just a hair short of the legal limit on Conroe. He's still stuck on two, and the clock's ticking.

Back to where it started for Ike

Well, the F-bombs are flying. It may be safe to say that Iaconelli is starting to spin out.
Iaconelli made a phone call and although we couldn't hear exactly what he was saying, it had something to do with his boat's electronics. He was apparently getting instructions as he poked at the front sonar unit. After hanging up the phone, Ike started expressing his displeasure to his cameraman. That was about five minutes ago at Seven Coves, maybe he cooled off a bit on the boat ride back to the spot that yielded his kicker bass this morning.