Weather changes final weigh-in time

For the past two days of the Carhartt College Bracket presented by Bass Pro Shops, anglers have enjoyed a break in the middle of the day, splitting the day into two sessions. Due to the threat of storms in the area today, Tournament Director Hank Weldon has decided to eliminate the break so that hopefully the fishing will end before the worst of the weather arrives.

Anglers will still fish the same amount of time, but the weigh-in will begin an hour earlier at approximately 3:15pm ET instead of 4:15. You can stream the weigh-in here

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Not giving up

Jake Lee just made an adjustment and went to the shallow side on one of his off-shore humps. He poked around and then caught a good fish that culled his bag up one more pound. He is up to 10-9 now, but still 4 pounds back. 

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Lee trying to stay in the fight

Jake Lee is doing his best to stay in the fight. Normally we would be hitting our midday halftime scoreboard break, but with impending thunderstorms at 2 to 3 p.m. we are skipping it and trading the hour break for a 1-hour less day.

At this time everyday of the bracket, Jake Lee has had 10+ pounds easily, but today the upgrades haven't came in chunks like he would want.

He has upgraded twice in the last hour, but one gave him 6 ounces and his latest only 3. He is up to 9-9, but with Foutz upgrading almost a half pound every time, Lee will need to get those 3 to 4 pounders pretty quickly. 

Foutz with a new boat and a cull

After finally giving up on the hole that produced 3 nice keepers, our current leader, Jacob Foutz went to switch spots and his engine unfortunately could not turn due to a battery issue. Tournament Director Hank Weldon was quick to react and got Jacob another boat in a hurry.

Things didn't seem to faze him too much at all, as the new boat was approaching he made another big cull, currently sitting strong at 14-6.

Make it 13-8

 Foutz has been hunkered into one very small hump and for good reason, it pumped out two smallmouth at about 4 pounds a piece.

Now Foutz finds himself a bonus 2-5 largemouth culling up to 13-8. He already has a bag that could win this deal but with still half way to go, you know he isn't settling for a maybe. No one knows just how good Jacob's competition is in Jake Lee more than Jacob himself. He knows if he's to pull this off, he'll need to keep catching.

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Time to cull

Jake Lee landed his 5th keeper of the morning and pushed his total to 9 pounds even. He doesn't know that Jacob Foutz has busted two big smallmouth or that he is even trailing right now. He's keeping his head down and fishing hard in the east wind that is blowing right into his spot.

His 5 fish are a 3-2, 1-11, 1-7, 1-2, and a 1-10.

He just caught one, but it didn't help the cause. He needs a few more like his first fish of the day.