Last hour for Bethel

Last hour to fish for Bethel's Cole Floyd and Carter McNeil.

North Alabama is headed back

Many of the Top 12 teams that went to Stump Lake are on their way back. With an hour idle and check-in at 2 p.m. most would rather be 5 minutes early rather than 3 minutes late so they gave themselves some buffer.

North Alabama's Sloan Pennington and Hunter McCarty have a limit worth roughly 8 to 9 pounds. Probably not enough for a Top 4 spot, but a good week and Top 12 at Bemidji.

Unofficial leaderboard at noon

1. Lee/Foutz (4 fish - 13 pounds)
2. Floyd/McNeil (5 fish - 14-15 pounds)
3. Firebaugh/Sweitzer (5 fish - 14 pounds)
4. Worth (4 fish - 11-12 pounds)
5. Enders/Huff (5 fish - 9 to 10 pounds)
6. Swanson's (2 fish - 5 pounds)
7. Duarte/Alford (5 fish - 9 to 10 pounds)
8. Garrett/Pahl (3 fish - 8 pounds)
9. Carris/Berry (3 fish - 6 to 7 pounds)
10. Pennington/McCarty (0 fish)
11. Craig/Lambert (1 fish - 1 to 2 pounds)
12. Walters/All (0 fish)

Bryan College with 4 and looking for more

As the afternoon sun gets hot, so does our leaders from Bryan College! They just secured bass number four and it's another good one at that!

They must have over 13 pounds and are on pace to catch the same wait they've been catching to hold the lead since day one.

It's still anyone's game, but BC's calm and steady approach is paying off one bass at a time.

BC with 3

Slowly but surely BC is picking away at it. Jacob with what looks like a Texas-rigged tube has just added number three to the box.

It wasn't a giant, but the timing of it was HUGE! Few hours yet and the boys are still calm as cucumbers....

Local boaters with 2

Bemidji State's claim to the Top 12 is Mitch and Thor Swanson. They were 2nd after Day 1 and 3rd after yesterday, still in the thick of the tournament.

They currently have two fish for 5 pounds or so and were sticking it out in their area. That region of Stump Lake has been pounded incredibly hard and it has shown today.

They may have an advantage if they make it to the bracket and have any sort of experience on the to-be-named bracket location.

Enders and Huff get a limit

Garrett Enders and Cody Huff of Bethel University started Championship Saturday in 4th place and they looked to hold on to that spot at minimum. They just landed their 5th keeper and have a limit that is roughly 9 to 10 pounds. That's solid by 10:30 a.m.

Bryan College with 2

Needing a change to put another in the box, Bryan College angler Jake Lee, switched things up with a frog in the shade of a tree line and quickly secures bass number two. A nice one too. That's got to give the boys at least 8 pounds or better and plenty of time to keep the ball rolling.

Solo angler surviving

Josh Worth is one of our Western Regional representatives this week. He missed qualifying at his regional and got the job done at Lay Lake at the Wild Card.

He has held his own this week and was in 6th place after Day 2. Word from the water is that he has 4 fish and all are roughly 3 pounds a piece. He is in a fantastic spot to crash the bracket as a solo angler.