Garrett and Pahl have five

It took over five hours, but John Garrett and Brian Pahl of Bethel landed their 5th fish of the day. The doubled up shortly after, but neither helped them cull. They said the have one good one and two decent ones along with a 15-incher before I arrived. They never mentioned how big No. 5 was so it must have been a normal keeper.

Five in the box is a relief on a tough day like today.

Word from the leaders is they still don't have a limit and only have 4 fish in the box. Right now Bryan College seems to be in the driver seat with close to 14 pounds in the livewell for the 3rd place team.

Third place is culling

Bryan College's Nathan Bell and Cole Sands just made a slight cull and they roughly have 11 3/4 pounds according to their scale. They landed a 2 1/4 smallmouth and were able to throw back their smallest, but they have yet to catch one over 3 pounds today.

Moments later they hooked up and landed one between 3 1/4 and 3 1/2. They culled up an entire pound or so and are at 13 pounds now. This spot they are fishing is their bigger fish hole according to Bell.

"We weighed 2 of our fish from here on Day 1 and 3 yesterday," Bell said.

They know they need to get rid of some of their fish today if they want to take the title. What they don't know is that Tennessee Tech has 3 at the moment and Bethel only had one earlier in the day

Just one so far for Bethel

The Bethel team of Winchester and Black only have one so far but are in the hunt for four more like this.

Hunted become the hunters

Tennessee Tech has had a slow morning, but they just put number 3 in the box. None of them are big and certainly not what they want to take to the stage.

With 3rd place Bryan College culling, I would imagine they have jumped out to a lead over 1st and 2nd coming into today. The weights have been tight all week, but Tech has a 2 pound cushion that they can use up if need be based on a tough day. Sometimes getting 5 in the box will settle a team down and allow them to wait patiently for a bigger bite instead of feeling like they should bounce around.

I'm on my way to find Bryan College's Cole Sands and Nathan Bell. Meanwhile Tennessee Tech is looking to do some hunting and claw their way back to the top of the leaderboard. The once hunted are now in chase mode.

Add 1 to the well, take 2 pounds away

Anderson Aldag and Lee Mattox of Alabama made a fatal error that numerous anglers over the years have experienced. Before I arrived they were in a culling frenzy, but after one of their catches they forgot to throw one back.

The rush of the moment can distract you and cause this error for sure and they didn't realize it until they made a spot change. So they called Tournament Director Hank Weldon and told him what happened. They can cull the fish of their choice, which is their smallest, and will also be assessed a 2-pound penalty.

Tough error when they were on their way to a great bag. If the Top 4 teams stay the course weight wise then this duo will need 20 pounds to make up their 3 pound deficit and the 2 pound penalty.

Alabama with a good start

Alabama's Lee Mattox and Anderson Aldag have been consistent all week and were sitting in 5th coming into the final day. I just caught up to them after they had a good start to their day. They believe they have 14 pounds or so like on Day 2. Their five fish include 3 fish over 3 pounds and 2 that are roughly 2 1/2 pounds. They would love to end the Eastern Regional with their best bag of the week. They aren't far off at the moment. They would love to cull those two smaller ones for sure.

Culling up

The University of Alabama culls up!

Alien smallmouth?

"Never seen a smallmouth shaped like this one before? Alien?" - Jacob Foutz and Jake Lee

A limit for Alabama

"Sorry for the delay Alabama fans, but there is No. 5!" - Lee Mattox