Thug life goose

Chilling on a duck blind! Ha ha!

Update by Johnathon Crossland

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Two from Day 1

Here are a couple I caught today on a Strike King Rage Bug with Garlic Crawfish flavored Liquid Mayhem on a Duckett Ghost, Quantum Smoke Speed Freak, and Sufix 12-pound Elite mono.

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Marty Robinson with a limit

Marty "The Party" Robinson is looking for a couple more big ones to upgrade his limit. He said he does indeed have a 4-pounder, but only has 4 small ones to go with it. I came back in a creek and by the looks of it, he was possibly sight fishing. Some areas on Chickamauga are clear enough to sight fish, meanwhile some are too stained. Robinson has found a good mix of water color and is going along catching some smaller males, looking for that bigger female.

Howes with two good ones

Lake Chickamauga, like many fisheries, has a 18-inch requirement on smallmouth. Also, anglers who do catch an 18-inch bronzeback can only keep one in their 5 fish limit.

Florida pro and former Classic qualifier Rich Howes has one of those big smallmouth in his livewell and has another good largemouth to pair with it. He's looking to fill out his limit, but it has to feel good to catch two above-average fish to get his limit started instead of sifting through small ones to find a line burner.