Slow going

Almost two hours in of the Central Open and if you can base the outlook for Day 1 of this event on just a handful of boats then the morning is going slow for these competitors.

The 32 degree take off is warming up. But most of these guys are moving slow. I've seen very little moving around and for the most part even the casting is slow and methodical.

In two hours on the water, one fish has been boated and it was a short spotted bass. That one was from Darrell Lyons, who like the rest of the field is hoping everything on the lake will start warming up soon, from the temperature to the fish catching.

We heard several reports of tough fishing. That's not out of the ordinary. We know this lake is full of fish. And with 200 pros and 200 co-anglers, someone is catching them. It's just obvious at this point that's not the case for all of them.

First fish in first tournament

Tom Statler sent in this picture and let us know this is his first fish in his first Bassmaster tournament. Congrats, Tom!

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