Clift lands his limit

Just as I leave leader Scott Clift, he boats his 5th keeper the day. It's not a big one, but it's No. 5 and its two more pounds to his total weight. He should have around 11 to 12 pounds now, if not a little more. Crunch time is upon us as there is less than 2 hours left of the Bassmaster season. 
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Adams' game plan

We've seen a vast array of baits work this week on Kentucky Lake. A 5 to 6-inch flutter spoon was a big player for the winning team after two days of the team competition. Meanwhile a jerkbait and a lipless crankbait have been key for the other two teams that made the individual portion.

Adams has relied heavily on a red crawfish colored lipless crankbait to do his work, but he has also mixed in a jerkbait and spinnerbait throughout this event. He switched up baits almost every other cast when he fished his area where his bigger congregation of fish were. If he didn't get bit on a lipless, he would switch to a jerkbait and if he caught one he would throw it until he quit getting bit.

By that description it almost sounds like off shore fishing in the heat of the summer on Kentucky Lake, and yet here we are in December. He's letting his pod of fish rest for a bit as he fishes down the bank in the adjacent area. Still in upgrade mode at this point even though he doesn't know what other competitors have.

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Clift responds

I just blogged that Barron Adams was making a charge and looking to overtake Scott Clift for the lead, but I guess Clift felt his ears burning and decided to respond.

The Day 1 fish-off leader landed keepers number 3 and 4 in succession and is roughly at 9 1/2 pounds with his four fish.

If we break it down unofficially, then Adams had jumped into the lead and Clift just regained it.

If Adams has close to 15 pounds and Clift has 9 1/2 then Adams is still roughly three pounds behind. A four pounder or better would have that margin down to ounces. It will be interesting to see if Clift can get a limit and maintain his lead.

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Adams fills his limit

Barron Adams needed a good day at minimum to get back into the game and have a shot at the Geico Bassmaster Classic berth. In reality it all depends on what Scott Clift does today because an 8 pound lead is hard to make up, but it can be done.

Adams is trying to do that as he is the first angler to boat a limit on this final day. He says he has roughly 12 to 13 pounds at the moment, but I would be hard pressed to believe that seeing as his 5th fish was a pretty decent one. Either way, I'm en route to see him in action. It's about a 20 minute run so we will see.

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Clift with two

Scott Clift struggled for the first two hours of the final day, but after he realized the clouds were here to stay and a blanket would keep the sun at bay he decided to make a change to another color.

That adjustment landed him his first keeper and moments ago his second, a 3+ pounder.

"They won't bite my jerkbait from yesterday with this cloud cover it seems," Clift said. "I switched up to more of a green with solid sides instead of the purple and chartreuse."

It seems to be paying off as he landed a solid fish. He would feel real good about his odds if he landed a couple more like that.

I asked how many fish him and his partner have caught off this specific rocky point and he said roughly 30 fish. His patience level is at an all-time high it seems as he just inches forward, making multiple casts and covering the point as good as he can.

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Clift on the board

A full two hours had passed for leader Scott Clift and he was still sitting on zero fish. It hadn't panned out like he was hoping it would and only had one non-keeper to show for his morning. Then, after turning around and making another pass down his rocky bank he hooked up with a bass. He was patient and fought it gingerly so he could ensure it got in the boat. He went to the console and scooped it up out of the cold Kentucky Lake water and suddenly he was on the board. Keeper number 1 for Clift was a long and lean largemouth that got him on the scoreboard. That fish should be in the realms of 2 to 2 1/4 pounds.

"Well at least I'm not going to blank," Clift said as he laughed.

It's a slow morning for him, but with his tremendous Day 1 he afforded himself some wiggle room.