Fun at the Dick Cepek booth

Clifford Pirch and Justin Lucas were at the Dick Cepek booth at the Classic Expo showing kids how to cast. Specialized Dick Cepek hats were given to anyone who loves Bassmaster.

Lining up to bump

As the anglers are coming off of the water, they must line up and bump the fish to verify the meet the minimum length requirements.

Each angler will bump before heading to Tulsa for the official weigh-in.

Christie needs a miracle

Christie is down to six spectator boats, which shortly will not include us because we need to high tail it to Tulsa. Barring some misreporting on others, he needs a last-minute miracle to take the trophy back to Park Hill.

Ehrler with No. 5

Brent Ehler will be weighing in a full bag today.

Evers still fishing hard

Even though we think Edwin Evers may have wrapped up this Classic, he doesn't. "I need a 7 pounder!" he hollered minutes ago. His father in law Terry Butcher told us, "Evers would say that even if he had 30 pounds."

Evers hasn't caught a fish in at least 90 minutes. He's fishing harder now than he did this morning when he caught around 20 bass. "Have you ever seen anyone with that much energy?" said Butcher. "He's like that at home too."

A three-hour tour

Christie gave us the slip for a while but we eventually found him crashing through the waves in the sailboat bridge region of the lake, where it is absolutely nasty. We've followed him to where he made his last cull yesterday. He needs a minor miracle with less than an hour to go.

Faircloth near Hard Rock Dock

Todd Faircloth is back in the area where he started this morning, not far from the Hard Rock Dock. After the boat run with the wind behind us on the way back, I'm hoping we don't make another run like that. If you're looking to see how well boats can fly, head out to the Sailboat Bridge in Grove and watch the competitors and spectators run back to the ramp in about 30 minutes.

Lowen fighting the wind

Bill Lowen fighting the wind at his sweet spot.