Meet Game Warden Shane Fields

I've had the pleasure this week of riding in the boat of Shane Fields from McAlester, Oklahoma. He's been ferrying Steve Bowman and myself around Lake Texoma. And we've been a handful, as usual.

Fields is State Game Warden for Pittsburg and Latimer Counties. And he's the father of two girls, Autumn, 11, Madison 10, and married to Benella. He attended Southeastern State University, right here in Durant.

Fields has been a game warden for 20 years. Law enforcement is the family business. His dad was a deputy sheriff, his uncle was a game warden, and he has two cousins who are game wardens. By the way, he was named National Game Warden of the Year by the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Among other things, Fields deals with people fishing without a license, and hunters who are trespassing.

"There's less public land to hunt on now," he said. "So we find people poaching from the road."

He occasionally gets involved in cases that take a dramatic turn. A few years ago he started tracking a guy who had killed 100 deer. The Drug Enforcement Agency got involved when authorities discovered the man was also a meth kingpin.

What does Fields like about his job? "My office is everything outside," he said. "And I like working with kids. Educating them. It's a way for me to give back."

Fields also has an entrepreneurial bent. He has reached the level of Presidential Director with Zurvita, which sells nutrition drinks and protein shakes. "It helps me fund my vices in hunting and fishing," he said with a laugh. "If I help enough people get what they want, God is going to reward me tenfold."

And he recently signed with Kistler Rods to help with their pro staff.

Shane, thanks for helping us cover Bassfest!

The Hack Attack is back!

Right before Greg Hackney headed to check in he paused to chat with us. We believe he's got around 17 pounds, maybe 18, and has this tournament in his hip pocket. But you never know. Brandon Card's numbers could be

Hackney lost two big fish this afternoon, he called them 4- and 6-pounders. If he had boated those fish the outcome of this tournament would not be in question.

Since the anglers can't check BASSTrakk, Hackney has no idea where he stands, and we certainly didn't clue him in. 

Don't forget about Ashley

As crazy as this sounds, Casey Ashley still has a great shot to win this tournament. The leader starting the day has only two bass weighing a total of 3 pounds and there's only an hour left until check-in time, but he's still got a shot.

That's because Ashley need only catch three bass weighing a total of 7 pounds to be back in the lead, according to BASStrakk numbers. Any keepers Ashley catches are going straight to his total. Ashley isn't culling up by a few ounces or maybe a pound, like everyone else in the field.

Crazier things have already happened today.

Lee gains ounces

It's a grind this afternoon for Jordan Lee. He's just managed a little cull of a couple ounces.

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Guy Stiegelmeyer

The right kind

Ott DeFoe hooks into the right kind!  This five pounder smoked it in the top of a bush, as DeFoe was working the bait out.

Photo and caption by Bassmaster Marshal Gwen Reed

Hackney/Card seesaw battle

If you've watched "Bassmaster LIVE" for the last half-hour or so, you've seen some dramatic momentum swings between apparent leaders Greg Hackney and Brandon Card.

Card vaulted from sixth place into the lead early by capitalizing on today's topwater bite with a Yo-Zuri 3DB Pencil. But Hackney followed with a rally of his own with the jig-flipping pattern that he's used all week. Meanwhile Card expressed frustration with the sudden lack of topwater action. Then Hackney raised a big one, maybe 5 pounds, with a rock-solid hookset, but somehow the fish came off. Shortly afterward, Card landed a 4-pounder that came after his topwater bait three times before getting it.

It's the definition of a seesaw battle on Lake Texoma this afternoon.

Hackney loses big bass

Greg Hackney doesn't show a ton of emotion on the water. He's generally fairly business-like. Not too high, not too low. But he just lost a fish in the 4-pound range. And he did indeed show some emotion. He shook his head down hard, a couple times, in a manner than might indicate cuss words were spilling out of his mouth.

He caught the fish near some bushes. When the bass launched into the air it came unbuttoned. Hackney paused for a moment of silence and then got back to fishing.

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Hackney upgrades 1.8 pounds

Greg Hackney may have just moved back into the lead. His latest bass was caught, again, in the bushes. This one looked to be in the 3 pound range. That would add a pound and a half to his total weight, moving him into the lead ahead of Brandon Card. We're seeing a slugfest between Hackney and Card. A punch and a counter punch. Today's title may be won by the guy who catches the last fish.

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Hackney charges into lead

Greg Hackney lost us when he ran to new water about an hour ago. In between we were dealing with a camera boat going down (mechanical problems) and getting a Bassmaster LIVE camera into the boat with Brandon Card. By the time we got back with Hackney near the mouth of the Washita River, he had two more keepers in the livewell. He's fishing bushes on a point. And he has culled up ounces twice since we arrived. We believe, using advanced conservative counting techniques (three guys sitting in a boat arguing), he has 12 and a half pounds of bass in his livewell. We'd be willing to place a bet on that number at the Choctaw Casino and Resort. It should be noted that we are not higher rollers. More in the nickel slots category. However if we were betting with someone else's money we'd say he really has 13 to 13-8.

Either way, Hackney moves into the lead.

This is going to be a close one ladies and gentlemen. Swindle is charging. And Brandon Card is fishing like his life depends on it.

Roy upgrading quickly

Bradley Roy just landed another one. This is his second bass within the last few minutes. His overall weight is now around 11.5lbs. He said he cannot believe he has not had a 4-pound bite yet.

Photo by Bassmaster Marshal Jason Blankenship