Grigsby working beds

There's probably not a better sight fisherman alive than Shaw Grigsby. He's found a small pocket way up the lake that apparently has some big mamas sitting on spawning beds. He's been working a specific fish for some time now. He'll occasionally lift his Power-Poles and drift a few feet before deploying them again.

A slightly different angle is all it takes sometimes.

Wheeler's working the top

So far, most anglers are working finesse presentations. Not Jacob Wheeler--he's been catching fish on a topwater baits such as a frog in what slop exists back in the pockets, a walk-the-dog-type bait, and a slender wake bait. Wheeler has five and looking to cull while his co-angle Tom Balachvili has only one.

The bite should remain consistent for the duo, as Wheeler said the topwater action will last all day because the bulk of his fish are very shallow.

Caldwell and White

Jamey Caldwell and his co-angler Jody White are working the water behind a dock that has a very scenic, small waterfall pouring in to the lake. White managed a small keeper in there before they moved on. White has his limit and Caldwell just dropped number two in the box.

Lee settling in

Photographer James Overstreet finally caught up with tournament leader Jordan Lee.

In the boat are 4 keepers caught from runoff in the far back reaches of a creek.

“After not fishing like that yesterday I thought to give it a try.”

That tactic didn’t last long, though. Lee moved back out to the points where he plans to fish a Shaky Head worm rig. He’s not seeing the spotted bass in the clear water, although he suspects they are spawning.

“I think I can catch about 15 pounds doing this, maybe more with a largemouth added to the weight.”

He expects to soon fill a limit and hopefully begin culling up. The bonus largemouth would be good. Lee, and others within striking distance know the average 3-pound weight of the lake’s spotted bass isn’t enough to boost weights. It takes a largemouth to make enough weight to be safe from any challengers for the lead.

Douglas working on a limit

Minnesota-based pro Josh Douglas has one fish and his co-angler has culled a limit a couple of times. Douglas caught his fish in this same general area yesterday morning, but he left to look for largemouth. He said that was a mistake, and he plans to hunt spots all day.

Scroggins with one

Terry Scroggins and his co-angler Steve Roosen are working a point not to far from the main launch. Big Show just put one nice spot in the livewell, which isn't a bad start to the day. Each angler has caught several small fish so far, but the fish are still biting.

Scroggins is throwing his famed "Petey Rig," which is an ultra-finesse Carolina rig with a 4-inch worm on the end. A perfect presentation for post-frontal spotted bass.

Can Lee hang on?

With a 2-pound lead going into the final day, and with lots of fish cooperating, can the talented young angler hang onto the lead?

Time will tell.

And they're off!

The entire field will be competing again today, but there will be no cut to the top 12 due to the weather cancellation on Thursday.

Saturday looks to be beautiful, should be another productive day on Alabama's gorgeous Lewis Smith Lake.

Sunrise on Smith

It's a first for the week. The sun is rising over Smith Lake for Day 2.

It's also about 10 degrees cooler, although the bigger factor will be water level. How it pans out for the largemouth bass fishing is a story we'll follow this morning.