Casey Ashley wins the Classic!

Casey Ashley has a huge day three, bringing in 20 pounds, 3 ounces to win the 2015 Bassmaster Classic by 3 pounds over Bobby Lane. 

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Kilgore has near miss pulling boat back to weigh-in

Alabama angler David Kilgore had a tough day on the water Sunday, landing only two fish that weighed 5 pounds. But it almost got much worse as he hauled his boat back toward Bon Secours Wellness Arena for the final-day weigh-in Greenville, S.C.


“The guy in the car in front of me on the interstate geared down for some reason and just started spinning,” Kilgore said. “I made it past him, but then it dawned on me that I was pulling a boat. I looked back in my rear view mirror, and he couldn’t have missed me by more than a foot. He crashed into the center guard rail.


“I’ve never had anything like that happen before. I couldn’t even breathe for five minutes after it happened. My knees are still shaking now.”

My crystal ball is dirty

Steve Bowman and I are off the water. Unlike most Classics where we know the eventual winner by this point, today we're in the dark. I think it'll be Casey but wouldn't be surprised by any of five or six anglers.


Headed to Greenville.

Things went downhill each day for Combs

Somewhere in the back of his mind, Texas angler Keith Combs may have to look back on this year’s Classic as one of the strangest events he’s ever fished.


As the weather got better, his fishing got worse.


On Friday — the coldest day in Classic history with early-morning temperatures near 10 degrees  Combs caught a five-bass limit that topped the 18-pound mark and put him in third place going into Day 2.


Things got a little warmer on Saturday, but he only landed two keepers and barely made the cut to fish Sunday. He only landed one small keeper during fairly decent conditions on Sunday.


It’s strange to think anyone might have wished for temps to hover around 10 degrees all week, but Combs might have actually benefitted from it.

Time is running out

We followed Bobby Lane for 10 minutes up a long and winding creek. Just when it looked like it might dead end, it widened out again and we found him fishing another row of docks. Time is running out.