Karma pays off for Headland

The Headland team of Cherry and Choquette stopped and helped other tournament competitors after an accident this morning on the way to launch (all safe). Good karma finally paid off after a tough day yesterday and they have 2 in the livewell.

Photo and update by  Mark Choquette Jr.


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Memphis on the board

Not a bad fish to start with on the second day for Memphis!

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Orange County Anglers with a limit

Did not crack the code, but a change of scenery has given the boys a significantly larger fish for their 5th fish! Eli Stendig and Ewing Minor of the Orange County Anglers. 

Orange County Anglers with four

After a very tough practice, Ewing Minor (right) and Eli Stendig (left) have put 4 small keepers in the boat. Not sure if we have cracked the code, but hoping to duplicate it! 

Hopes of an early start

Nick Roeger and Antonio Pallaria watch the graph closely in hopes of getting an early start for the day.

Photo and update by Gary Robitaille