Adrian makes an important cull

About 45 minutes after filling out their limit, Scott and Fernandes landed their sixth fish of the day that culled out their smallest keeper, putting them close to 19 pounds for the day.

The duo has been moving between a couple stretches in the same channel they moved to around 9 a.m.

Their forward facing sonar has played a role in their day, as well.

At around 11:15, the the Adrian team headed out of the channel for some new water. Boat traffic has picked up tremendously as the morning has progress.

They estimate they will need to leave around 12:30 p.m. to make it back in time for their 2:30 p.m. check-in.

Adrian fills out their limit

At 10 a.m., Scott and Fernandes landed their fifth keeper of the day a few 100 yards from where they caught their third and fourth smallmouth of the day.

“We have one we need to get rid of, but we have four that are the right kind,” Fernandes said.

“One more like the one we just caught and we’ll be in good shape,” Scott added.

In celebration, one of their Adrian teammates jumped in the chilly St. Lawrence water.

Now they have all day to upgrade and maintain their spot at the top of the leaderboard.

Murray State with a small limit

After a slow morning, the Murray State University team of Adam Puckett and Brendan Bingham has filled their limit. The seniors will have to make some serious upgrades if they plan on making a run at winning or even staying in the cut for the Classic Bracket.

Right now they’ve got about 10 pounds in the boat, but they’re actually ahead of schedule compared to the last two days. Puckett and Bingham haven’t had a limit before 10:30 the previous two days of competition.

“It’s really been the opposite of our practice,” Puckett said. “We had better mornings in practice but better afternoons in the tournament which is kind of spooky.”

The second-place team is planning to rotate through two or three areas the rest of the day.

Adrian off to a solid start

Day 3 of the Carhartt College National Championship presented by Bass Pro Shops is underway and we have caught up with the Day 2 leaders Griffin Fernandes and Hayden Scott from Adrian College.

The duo has a two-day total of 43 pounds, 4 ounces after catching 20-6 on the second day of competition.

Before we arrived, Scott and Fernandes have two fish in the box including a 4-pounder, but Scott said the bites haven’t come fast enough.

However, after a quick move, the duo landed their third and fourth keepers of the day, changing the mood of the day drastically.

Scott said they haven’t been getting many bites, but have been getting the right kind of bites.

Fernandes said Eel Bay is a major spawning area for smallmouth on the St. Lawrence River and the channel they are currently fishing is a main highway between the spawning grounds and their summer holes.

He added that he believes they are catching a lot of fresh fish that are on the way out.

“It’s amazing how deep they will live,” he said. 

The hump they are fishing now crests at 42 feet, and Scott added if they are in 20 feet of water, they are too shallow.

Their Adrian College teammates are out on the water as well, cheering them on from a distance.

Slow start for Murray State

Coming into the final day of the Carhartt Bassmaster College Series National Championship, Adam Puckett and Brendan Bingham of Murray State University only trail first place by seven ounces. While the leaders Griffin Fernandes and Hayden Scott of Adrian College were still heading to their starting spot, the Murray state team just boated their first keeper of the morning.

It’s been a slow morning for Puckett and Bingham but they’ve been doing the majority of their damage later in the morning or early in the afternoon.

The second place team started their morning fishing a drift roughly 100 yards away from the tenth place team of Tyler Christie and Trey Schroeder of McKendree University who caught three solid keepers right off the bat.

Puckett and Bingham are making a short run up the river towards the Massena Dam to their heads primary area.

Fernandes and Scott take the Day 2 lead

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A good one for Day 2

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