5 reasons to use a braid to Fluorocarbon setup

Ever since my Tackle Doctor video a few weeks ago, where I demonstrated the Albright knot, I've received a lot of questions on why I use braid for a main line with a fluorocarbon leader. Today I'll give you my top five reasons for this setup.

The braided line gives you three advantages.

1. It makes working the bait very easy. Whether you're walking a topwater bait or ripping a lipless bait through grass, braid makes the process easier. The lack of stretch allows you to maneuver the bait with less effort.

 2. Braid's lack of stretch allows for consistent hook-sets. If a fish hits the bait three feet from the boat or 100 feet from the boat, your hook-set will be consistent since the line won’t stretch. Better hook-sets improve your landing percentage.

 3. Although fluorocarbon is a big improvement over monofilament for feel, braid is even better. The lack of stretch paired with a quality rod can make it so you can feel every detail of the bottom content. You’ll also feel bites you wouldn’t feel with fluorocarbon or monofilament.

The fluorocarbon provides two more advantages.

4. Fluorocarbon is stiffer than braid, which will keep your bait from fouling on casts. This is especially important when casting in the wind or when using baits that tumble in the air.

5. The obvious advantage to fluorocarbon is its near invisibility in the water. Finicky fish are less likely to bite a bait that is tied straight to braid, so the fluorocarbon gives you a more stealthy approach.

Those are the five main reasons for using a braided main line and a fluorocarbon leader. However, there are many more reasons like casting distance and cost savings. My choice is Sunline FX2 braid and either Sunline FC Sniper or Sunline Shooter fluorocarbon.

By the way, Sunline will be giving away a 1,200 yard spool of FC Sniper to 10 lucky winners. To be eligible to win the line, all you need to do is post “April Promo” on Sunline’s Facebook page.