Top 40 TTBAOY movers after Murray

Most bass fans in your standard Bassmaster Elite Series event concentrate on pounds and ounces and who is capturing the most of those to create a victory.

Elite Anglers, though, spend a lot of time looking at points. Every one of them wants to capture the most pounds and ounces in any event. That’s the essence of the game. But when it’s over, they are also looking at just how many points they receive in the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year race.

Those points are the things that actually get an angler into the Classic, qualify the top anglers for the Toyota Tundra All-Star Week and of course crowns the Angler of the Year.

The intricacies of rises and falls in that list week to week can make or break an angler’s year.

To get a good look at how some anglers climb or drop in those standings take a look at the top 40 in those points fared after the Evan Williams Bourbon Carolina Clash on Lake Murray.


Terry Scroggins _ 1st up from 2nd
Kevin VanDam  _ 2nd up from 3rd
Edwin Evers _ 4th up from 5th
Davy Hite _ 6th up from 16th
Fred Roumbanis _ 8th up from 9th
Casey Ashley  _ 9th up from 18th
Chris Lane _ 10th up from 13th
Dustin Wilks _ 12th up from 14th
Kevin Wirth _ 14th up from 23rd
Michael Iaconelli 16th up from 27th
Bobby Lane _ 17th up from 20th
Greg Vinson _ 18th up from 21st
Todd Faircloth _ 23rd up from 30th
John Crews _ 24th up from 32nd
Matt Reed _ 27th up from 36th
Brandon Palaniuk _ 29th up from 37th
Peter Thliveros _ 31st stays the same at 31st
Marty Robinson _ 32nd up from 46th
Keith Combs _ 33rd stays the same at 33rd
Mark Davis _ 37th up from 44th
Greg Hackney _ 38th up from 40th
Kelly Jordon _ 39th up from 42nd
Brian Snowden _ 40th up from 66th


Alton Jones _ 3rd down from 1st
Stephen Kennedy _ 5th down from 4th
Ott DeFoe _ 7th down from 6th
Dean Rojas  _11th down from 7th
Gerald Swindle _ 13th down from 11th
Jared Lintner – 15th down from 12th
Jeff Kriet _ 19th down from 17th
Keith Poche _ 20th down from 15th
Pat Golden _ 21st down from 8th
Aaron Martens _ 22nd down from 19th
Andy Montgomery _ 25th down from 10th
David Walker _ 26th down from 25th
Randy Howell _ 28th down from 24th
Bill Lowen _ 30th down from 22nd
Stephen Browning _ 34th down from 26th
Shaw Grigsby _ 35th down from 29th
Jason Williamson 36th down from 34th


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