Toledo Bend on the horizon

We made the four-hour drive from my home to Toledo Bend on Saturday. It was a pleasant drive without any problems. I like to get to the tournaments a day early whenever I can. There’s always a lot of stuff going on at home that distracts me from my fishing.  

I’m not complaining; sometimes I just need to concentrate on my fishing, and nothing else. A full day at the tournament site gives me a chance to relax and think about what might happen during the tournament.

It also gives me the opportunity to get my tackle ready before Monday morning. I can think things through before I go on the water and then make the most of the time I have available for practice. That can make a big difference.

On Sunday (today), we had a really nice service and get-together at the Siloan Baptist Church. It was a Meet the Pros event. Our B.A.S.S. Chaplain, Chris Wells, was there along with Randy Howell, Brent Chapman, Shaw Grigsby, James Niggemeyer, Ott DeFoe and Mike McClelland. Of course, we had a good turnout of church members and guests, too.

We had a wonderful fellowship and had the chance to meet some of the local anglers and answer their questions. We were able to put what really matters into perspective and at the same time talk a little fishing. That’s about as good as it gets.

As for the tournament, it looks like it’s going to be interesting. Half of it is in Texas; so a lot of people think it’s local for me and that I’m the favorite, or one of them, anyway. I’m not so sure. I have very little experience on Toledo Bend and no experience on it in the summertime. I’m going to approach it like it’s a new body of water, which it really is in many ways. That’s all I can do.

Toledo Bend is a good fishery so I’d expect a good tournament. Some of the guys do have some experience on it. That sometimes makes a big difference. We’ll see when it’s all over. I have a couple of things in mind but we’ll have to wait and see before we know if I’m on to something, or not.

The nice thing about that is because of my win on the St. Johns River in March of this year I’m in a position to do that. I don’t have to worry about protecting a Classic spot or anything like that. A win like that early in the season really takes the pressure off.

Next week, I’ll bring everyone up to date after we’re finished at Toledo Bend. Make sure you follow all the action on

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