Three's a crowd

Evers has worked his way through a network of channels to a remote little lake he hopes will give up the mother lode. It's not remote enough. We can see three boats of anglers in the lake already. All appear to be local fishermen and none are overly impressed by an Elite Series angler entering their domain.

As Evers worked his way up the left bank, a fisherman on the opposite shore trolled quickly over to get in front of the pro, effectively cutting him off. As Evers switched sides, another fisherman who had been working the middle of the lake moved to that shoreline. Evers is fishing the middle now.

He has yet to put a bass in the livewell, although he just now caught a short fish and let it go. The sun is peeking out from the clouds and the other anglers are giving him some berth, so maybe the action will pick up soon.