Third place is culling

Bryan College's Nathan Bell and Cole Sands just made a slight cull and they roughly have 11 3/4 pounds according to their scale. They landed a 2 1/4 smallmouth and were able to throw back their smallest, but they have yet to catch one over 3 pounds today.

Moments later they hooked up and landed one between 3 1/4 and 3 1/2. They culled up an entire pound or so and are at 13 pounds now. This spot they are fishing is their bigger fish hole according to Bell.

"We weighed 2 of our fish from here on Day 1 and 3 yesterday," Bell said.

They know they need to get rid of some of their fish today if they want to take the title. What they don't know is that Tennessee Tech has 3 at the moment and Bethel only had one earlier in the day