Thanks to Chuck

My sister Sallie and I want to give a special thanks to Chuck Harbin for all his years of hard work and dedication to this sport. Chuck has been one of the reasons we have enjoyed Marshalling these past few years and I'm sure I can speak for all the Marshals on that. Chuck shows great respect to all of us during these events and has always gone out of his way to ensure our days on the water are enjoyable and safe.

His attention to detail and honestly caring about each individual Marshal as well as the pro angler is greatly going to be missed in this sport. Chuck we all are going to miss you and wish you well in your new house and hope you get a chance to come visit us in the future and possibly even get a chance to go out and fish. I know that the town of Waddington is overly thankful to you for having such a professional run tournament of which has attracted the spectators we have seen today and in the past tournaments held in this area. So Thank you again, hope to see you in the future. 

-Marshal Terry Pike