Tennessee Tech with 3

Sam Carris and John Berry of Tennessee Tech started the day in 11th, but they are trying to move up the leaderboard. They have 3 fish for roughly 6 1/2 pounds.

The duo qualified at the Eastern Regional where they finished 2nd after leading for the first two days of that three-day event.

They started in 11th, but were just 2-6 from making the Top 4 bracket so it's well within reach. From 4th to 12th was only 3-1 so all are in contention.

1st had a 4-13 lead on 2nd. They had a 2-6 lead on 3rd and 3rd was just 1-15 ahead of 4th.

The weights were spaced out, but with as tough as Bemidji has been this week, any one of these teams can nab a bracket spot with a good day.