Talking things over

"I lost four yesterday like the two I had," Brad Knight said as he slung a swimjig down a lily pad line. "I'm not talking about 4- or 5-pounders."

One of the two Knight is referring to weighed 9-6 and took big bass honors on Day 1.

"You think you could have had 35?" I probe.

"I think I could have made Rojas nervous," Knight answered referencing Dean Rojas's all-time one-day heavyweight record weighing 45-pounds, 2-ounce. Also caught on the Kissimmee Chain in 2001.

To the casual onlooker, Knight would have appeared overly content as he lay his head down last night with the Day 1 lead. But sleep wouldn't come for the Tennessee pro as nightmares of what might have been lay in wait for him to drift off to sleep.

Knight did grab the lead hoisting a 22-11 bag onto the scales yesterday, but the lead wasn't enough. Knight is now within a couple casts of where the catching and the calamity occurred yesterday ... waiting just a bit longer ... for the sun to get just a bit higher before he hits what he hopes to be the mother lode.

When you look at the area Knight's fishing, laden with mats, lily pads and gator grass, and you ponder the amount of muscle per ounce God packed into a double-digit Florida strain bass, you start to wonder if man was really intended to catch all fish.

Time to go and see. Knight has reached the "juice." Giants abound in these waters. This could get ugly...