Talking distance

The 6th place team of Joseph Bruener and Hunter Curry have been within talking distance of 13th place Evan Bramhill and Sean Prendergast on an offshore ledge on Kentucky Lake.

They've been together all day and both have had two good days to show for it.

Both teams caught over 20 pounds on Day 1 respectively. Bruener and Curry had 21-12 and Bramhill and Prendergast had 20-1.

Bramhill and Prendergast have 18 to 20 pounds. They didn't want to over guess, but they believe they have 18 at minimum, 20 maximum.

Meanwhile Bruener and Curry probably have 15 or so pounds according to their boat driver and 2-time Classic competitor Albert Collins.

It's been a wavy one on the main river, but the teams are catching them big time today.