Off to the Super Bowl

About the time my blog gets posted on, my family and I will be driving to Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI.

I’m jacked up for a couple of reasons. I’ve been to the Super Bowl before, but Sherry and I are surprising our boys with their first experience. Jackson and Nicholas aren’t huge pro football fans, but they both like the Manning brothers (Eli and Peyton) and Tom Brady, too. Peyton, of course, won’t be playing, but Indianapolis is his hometown and Eli quarterbacks for the Giants and Brady for the Patriots.

They’re at the age now where this will be more meaningful to them.

I’m a diehard Detroit fan, yet I really got to know Tom Brady a few years ago at the ESPY Awards. He’s a good guy and a winner, so I’d really like to see him get his fourth Super Bowl title. Besides, he played college ball at University of Michigan, my favorite college team.

In fact, I have a Tom Brady jersey that Zona got me at Christmas one year. I treasure it, but can’t bring myself to wear it to the Super Bowl. I’m just too much of a Lions fan.

We got our tickets from Anheuser Busch, a sponsor, and we plan to spend the weekend in Indy, enjoying the NFL Experience and festivities before Sunday’s game. Indianapolis is a great sports city and all indications are that it will be a first class Super Bowl host.    And the weather should be ideal.

On the fishing side of my life, it’s been a very hectic week gearing up for the Classic.

Sherry has been getting new tournament jerseys finalized, making Classic travel arrangements for us and family members. She’s also been handling some appearance bookings, including one in New Orleans the day after the Classic.

My new boat arrived, and I’ve been busy adding new tackle and gear in preparation for this month’s Bassmaster Classic.

Most of the rigging was done by the Tracker Marine crew, and they were kind enough to do the initial “break in” on my Mercury. Although this has been an unseasonably warm winter in Michigan, our lakes remain ice covered which makes it tough to do the shakedown here.

Historically, I’ve had to break in new engines at the Classic, so Tracker’s efforts are greatly appreciated and will provide me an even more efficient practice period.

I’ve got my Humminbird graphs mounted, Key Captain locks and an alarm system installed and ready to go. About the only thing missing are Power-Poles, which the Power-Pole service crew will install at the Classic prior to practice. I’ll be running the new “Blades” this season. They’re thinner, lighter and faster and they’ll anchor me in water down to 10 feet.

I’m also running a new custom-designed HydroWave on my boat this year. The KVD model will include my own custom sound patterns and will be available to the public in late spring.

Needless to say, I have a lot to look forward to, and it starts this weekend with the Super Bowl. After that, it’s back to serious business.

Remember, it’s all about the attitude.

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