Sunshine but no wind

One big change today is the weather. We spent some time talking about the sunshine earlier and how it has been at a premium in these parts the last week.

With this high-pressure day, there is very little wind. We’ve said it before, the wind always blows in Texas. We had a calm morning two days ago, but it didn’t last long. It’s super calm now with very little ripple on the water.

That will hurt fishing in a big way this time of year. The wind is the best thing that can happen March through May for a fisherman on the hunt. Even more so when the fish are transitioning. But we know this will change at some point.

That could be a big reason for Pipkens’ slow morning. Along with that, one of the ingredients for him was he would catch a lot of white bass in the middle of catching his 30-pound sacks. Those white bass have yet to show today. I don’t know how the two correlate at the moment. But both are wind-loving species.