Sumrall surveying situation

Bassmaster Elite Series pro and day two leader Caleb Sumrall is underway on Championship Saturday. 

If you’re thinking to yourself, that his boat look awfully familiar, it’s because he is borrowing fellow Elite Series angler Brock Mosley’s boat. Sumrall has been plagued with boat issues all week. This is the fourth boat that he has used in three days of competition. 

Sumrall has already made a mention to the mass amount of boats on the water today, and that is certainly concerning. From what I am told, there’s is at least two large local tournaments being held on Table Rock today. 

All week Sumrall has been focusing on fish suspended in the cedar trees. His rotation of baits has included a spinnerbait, a walking style topwater, and a buzzbait. Most all of his damage has been done with the spinnerbait though. As mentioned yesterday, one of the biggest keys for Sumrall has been to hit the right stretch at the right time. He has had big flurries in each of the first two days. 

It will be interesting to see how Sumrall will handle the added adversity of incredible boat traffic today.