The strength of Mike Jacobs…update

“And in the end…”

Dateline:  Last Sunday

Do unto others…

Possibly the simplest thing we can do in life, certainly the most important.

In the end I can’t imagine it will be about what you have got, but what it is you have given.

Least, I hope, it is so.

Give, not take.

Do, good.

And most importantly, Love Wins.

“…the love you take…”

To me, when you give of yourself, and tell no one of your deed, that is a gift in the purist form.

Giving without expecting anything in return, as it should be.

Last Sunday, the last day of the Elite Series West Point Lake Battle, away from all the hoopla, all the big cameras, away from all the crowds, one young man stepped up and gave what can be only called a true gift.

Do unto others…

Earlier in the week I did a story about a young man battling a rare form of cancer. On Sunday, I packed up and left town to head for the next Elite event here in Montgomery, Ala.

Elite angler Fletcher Shyrock, however, did not.

Fletcher in the PASSENGER seat.Back to back Elite events are the hardest on the competitors…you compete…you leave…you compete…can be grueling.

Fletcher could have made it easy on himself and got a jump on the next event but he didn’t.


Because he stayed an extra day at West Point Lake…and used that time to take Mike Jacobs out on the water…fishing.

B.A.S.S. staffer Chris Brown tagged along and took these photos; in one of them you can see Mike DRIVING Fletcher’s boat.

I have been asked many times why is it that I have chosen to follow the Elites all over America as they chase dreams, lake by lake.

I do so because of actions like the one Fletcher Shyrock did last Sunday.

Nice fish... but even nicer gesture, Fletch. Good job.I do so because I have learned that not only do the Elites chase dreams lake by lake, but that they also make dreams come true, lake by lake,

for others.

Do unto others…

Something more professional athletes need to do,

as Fletcher Shyrock has shown us.

“…is equal to the love you make.”

“The End”

The Beatles

Enjoy the photos,


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