Stout Top 12 at Sabine River

Every event we state the fact of how stout the Top 12 group of anglers on any final day is and the Sabine River is no different this week. Between the Top 12 anglers, there are 5 Toyota Angler of the Year crowns, 17 Elite Series victories and a Classic title. One-third of the Top 12 consists of original Elite anglers from the 2006 season. Those would be Greg Hackney, Steve Kennedy, Skeet Reese and Gerald Swindle The other eight anglers are a solid mixture of veterans and younger. Two first-year Elites are fishing on Championship Sunday, the first of their Elite careers and those are Shin Fukae and Jake Whitaker.

Historically, this group of 12 has a stout resume of Top 12's for their entire Bassmaster careers, totally 344 Top 12's.

Career Top 12's
Greg Hackney59
Keith Poche 15
Shin Fukae5
Steve Kennedy 31
Bradley Roy 10
Skeet Reese -82
Brock Mosley 5
Justin Lucas -20
Jake Whitaker 2
Gerald Swindle 63
John Crews  27
Brandon Palaniuk 25

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