Still time for fireworks

Last minute heroics have been a significant part of the three previous days. With a 3:00 p.m. check-in time, it could still happen today. BASSTrakk currently shows four anglers within six pounds of leader Timmy Horton, with the closest being Ott DeFoe, who is 2-3 back.

As a reminder, below are two key moments yesterday, from Horton and Cliff Prince:

Horton: "I had two minutes to go and I caught a 5-13, which culled out a 13-ounce bass I had been trying to get rid of all day. I made it to check-in with one minute to spare."

Prince: "I culled out a 13-incher with my last pitch of the day. I told my Marshal to have a seat, buckle his life jacket that we were about to head in. I pitched my jig out, saw my line jump and I set the hook into a bass that weighed about 7 pounds."

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