South Carolina stays consistent

Patrick Walters and Tyler All of South Carolina moved into the lead on Day 2 after starting the event in 2nd place after Thursday's action.

They did so by staying consistent over the first two days. With 13-7 and 13-12 they took a 1-4 lead into today's final day. When I arrived they had been fishing for 15 minutes or so and already had their limit. At the time it was roughly 10 pounds, but a good start nonetheless. They've culled three times since I showed up and they've added some solid fish. It's a tough guess to know how much their additions have helped at the moment.

They've managed to milk their spot for the last few days and catch quite a few fish in the process. Their giant wad of bass has been feeding on a big population of baitfish and that is what has helped keep the fish from moving around despite the changing conditions.