Someone beat Ronnie Moore at Martin

I may have been stir crazy this offseason in anticipation for the 2018 Bassmaster Elite Series to get underway. To stay excited and competitive like I normally am 24/7, I decided to make a Fantasy Fishing league. Little did I know that over 450 people really wanted to beat me. Once I saw an immediate interest I opted to name the league Beat Ronnie Moore.

Close friends, co-workers, followers and Bassmaster LIVE lovers joined in with one goal in mind; beat me to a pulp. Lake Martin, the first Bassmaster Elite Series event, is in the books and I didn't win week one, but it's a long season and I'm primed in the top echelon of fantasy fishing fans in my group.

First off, congratulations to my friend Robbie Moore (Bigrobm3385) for absolutely bringing his A-game and taking the win at Martin and an early lead in the league. Like me, he is a college fishing alum and he competed for UT-Chattanooga during college. His lineup of Ott DeFoe (13th), Jesse Wiggins (18th), Justin Lucas (6th), Takahiro Omori (1st) and Wesley Strader (31st) was almost as stout as it gets! He registered 1,294 points and is actually 12th overall in the entire Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing spectrum.

When it comes to me, I was in a panic after Day 1 as I sat in 135th place in my own league. Luckily Ott DeFoe turned it around and so did my luck. I moved up to 33rd after Day 2, eventually to 21st after Day 3 and settled in 24th when all was said and done. Here was my lineup: Ott DeFoe (13th), Randy Howell (21st), Mike McClelland (56th), Andy Montgomery (7th) and Wesley Strader (31st). Starting off in the 96th percentile is exactly what I was hoping for!

Excited for passionate fans of fishing and their interest in my league. If you want to join, search "Beat Ronnie Moore" and the password for the league is "BeatRonnieMoore"