Some exciting gear coming your way

If you love new products – and what bass fisherman doesn’t – you’re going to love what you see coming out of the ICAST Show on this website and others next week.

For those who don’t know, the ICAST show is where all of the new tackle for 2012 gets introduced to the tackle trade and media.

Every major buyer from tackle catalogs, chain stores, and independent tackle dealerships will be there writing orders for products you will soon see on their shelves and catalog pages.

Actually, you will get to “see” them before then if you check in with daily. Years ago, anglers had to wait several weeks to see the new goodies in magazines, but the internet has changed that. Several major news outlets, both digital and print, will be perusing the ICAST aisles gathering information about new tackle.

My job at the show is to work for my sponsors, providing detailed information about new products and their benefits to anglers. I’ll be conducting video interviews that will be put up on websites instantly.

And you’re going to see some really cool stuff. For example, Quantum is going to blow people away with some high tech reels that it will be unveiling. Several of us pro staffers fished them this summer and found them extremely impressive. I can’t share details now, but you will hear all about it next week.

In addition to the new line of reels, Quantum is coming with a KVD Tour cranking reel designed specifically for crankbait fishing and we’ve expanded our line of KVD Tour rods in both graphite and composite materials. They are the next generation in KVD rods and reels with some modifications to help lighten them up.

HydroWave, the underwater electronic equipment that mimics baitfish sounds, will be displaying at the show for the first time. This equipment was instrumental in me winning the Toyota Tundra Angler of Year title this year and several other pros are discovering it’s going to be must—have equipment on their boats. The company also will introduce a new version for saltwater anglers at the show, too.

Strike King has a massive list of new lures coming, including a KVD 1.0 crankbait and a KVD Sexy Frog. We’re expanding the color offerings in our soft plastics, many of which you will be fishing before the season ends.

Plano has expanded its lineup of KVD Signature Series tackle bags, offering more sizes and price points to fit more anglers’ needs.

Humminbird and Mustad also have some new items coming but I’m not at liberty to discuss the details yet. But again, you will likely see them here sometime next week.

While the show is devoted to new product introductions, it will be a time when future product ideas will be discussed. One of my jobs at the show is to talk with major tackle buyers about their product needs and how my sponsors can accommodate them.

This is an exciting time for all bass fishermen who enjoy new products that make them better anglers. You still have to make the bass bite, but with the help of modern day tackle, the job gets a little easier each year.

Remember: It’s all about the attitude.