Snow & palm trees

Last week I mentioned the Thanksgiving tournament on Lake Cumberland. I didn’t do all that well but did I ever have a good time. The weather was unbelievably warm. It was a pleasure just to be outside and enjoy Mother Nature.

If I recall correctly, this was its 35th year. I talked to some guys who had fished them all, and they said they couldn’t ever remember the water or the weather being so warm. I think that might have hurt the fishing a little bit, at least for me, but it sure didn’t hurt anyone’s attitude.

I still can’t believe the number of Alabama rigs I saw out there. I honestly think everyone but me was throwing one. And, after watching them in action, I can understand why. They really do look like a school of baitfish. When you jerk or snap the rig, the baits all move in one direction or the other in unison. They’re as close to the real thing as I’ve ever seen in my career.

New stuff is something I look at very carefully before I jump in. I’m pretty close to a traditionalist when it comes to my fishing and to this sport. Nevertheless, I just might have to get me a couple of those things. In my humble opinion, they have a future when it comes to bass fishing.

To be truthful, I’ve been on the Internet looking around at the various versions that are being sold. I’ve also been checking with other bass anglers to see what they have to say about which ones work the best and what features I want on mine. It’s only a matter of time before I order a couple of them.

It’s been nice up here, too. Last Sunday I caught several good bass out of a pond near my house. I might have done that after Thanksgiving sometime in the past but I can’t remember when. The ponds in central Ohio usually shutdown long before the turkey’s in the oven.

But I’m afraid all this warm weather I’ve been crowing about will soon be a thing of the past. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we’re supposed to have some slushy snow — the ground’s too warm for it to really freeze — and we already have cold winds moving in. Like it or not, the nasty winter weather is upon us.

That’s why I’m headed to Florida. I want to sample sailfish in a few days at Islamorada in the Keys and then take a look at Okeechobee. I’m really excited about both. The sailfish thing is going to be my new hobby, something I can do besides bass fishing. But it’s Okeechobee that really has me excited.

I’ve heard that it’s better than ever. Apparently they received some much needed rain. That means the water’s up and there should be plenty of vegetation for the bass to hide in and for me to fish. Bass are my first love, you know.

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